R3 Institute is Launching “Gusuku Customine,” a No-Code Kintone Customization Service on the US Market

R3 Institute is launching the English version of Gusuku Customine today, which is now available to all Kintone users in the US market. Gusuku Customine is a development service that allows people to do Kintone customization without coding.

Osaka, Japan, November 01, 2018 --( The power of Gusuku Customine

Kintone is an hpaPaaS (High Productivity Application Platform as a Service) product. Its powerful features can be further extended by customizations in JavaScript.

Gusuku Customine is considered to be a �Low-code/No-Code� platform that helps people who want to do customizations in Kintone without coding in JavaScript and make a significant acceleration in development.

"Gusuku Customine is a native tool that brilliantly extends the citizen developer promise of Kintone, enabling Kintone users to build and deploy unique JavaScript customization without having to write a line of code. Declare what you want, and Customine generates and deploys the underlying code necessary for your customization to come to life. I am thrilled to offer Customine to Kintone's US user base."
- Dave Landa, CEO of Kintone Corporation

Gusuku Customine is initially free for customizing 1 Kintone app.

Please contact Kintone Corporation if you want a license for multiple customizations. (

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