Raman Kuppuswamy Has Written His Third Book That He Says is a Crime Story

Raman Kuppuswamy, who has been a content creator and who says has satisfied hundreds of clients with his contents that include website contents, press releases, blog posts, articles, sales letters, and copies, has stepped into the realm of book-writing. After releasing his first two books on Amazon Kindle, he has now written his third book entitled "Not a Willow, But an Oak," a crime thriller. Kindle and paperback editions of this book have also been released on Amazon KDP.

Mumbai, India, August 28, 2020 --( Raman Kuppuswamy, the writer, says that he has once again brought out a book entitled "Not a Willow But an Oak." He has published this book after releasing his first two books "Do You Hate Working for Someone? Start Your Business" and "Compromise, Guilt, and Gyan" on Amazon KDP.

According to Raman Kuppuswamy, the author of the book, "Not a Willow But an Oak" is a crime story and he hopes the characters in the story will remain etched in the minds of the discerning readers. It is the story of Ram, a young lad from a village in Maharashtra, who suspected that the only doctor in his village had been killed by those who were greedy and evil-intentioned. When Ram did some sleuthing, he found that it was an international conspiracy in which greedy Chinese exporters were also involved. He suspected that even the Chinese government encouraged the crime.

The story moved from the village to Mumbai, India, Beijing, China, and the Fairfax County, Virginia, USA. As Ram tried to unfold the mystery of the doctor's killing, a few chilling murders also happened. How he brings the culprits to books forms the theme of the story.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon, both in Kindle and paperback formats.

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