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Rarasfarm Releases Tofu Konjac Noodle Made of 100% Domestic Soybean Tofu and Chickpeas with Zero Konjac Smell

- Rarasfarm's Tofu Konjac Noodle awarded Participation Prize at Korea Food Research Institute Award for Food Technology

IKSAN, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#2021KoreaFoodResearchAward--Rarasfarm Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation, introduces Tofu Konjac Noodle, made with domestic soybean tofu, and meal kit, ‘Tofu Konjac Noodle: All About Mixing.’

Rarasfarm's Tofu Konjac Noodle won the Participation Prize at the 2021 Korea Food Research Institute Award for Food Technology. The cumulative sales of Tofu Konjac Noodle exceeded 819,252 units, and recently, a meal kit called "Tofu Konjac Noodle: All About Mixing" was also released, which includes Tofu Konjac Noodle, mix sauce, and garnishes of seaweed and sesame seeds.

Carbohydrate addiction, also known as "sugar addiction," is a condition in which people have an uncontrollable appetite for carbohydrates, even after eating enough. Although carbohydrates are essential nutrients, consuming too many of them can be harmful.

Rarasfarm's Tofu Konjac Noodles are made with locally grown soybean tofu and chickpeas, so people can enjoy them until they feel full and satisfied without worrying about consuming too many carbohydrates or calories.

Existing konjac noodles are low in calories but not nutritious, have a bad smell, and are difficult to digest. Rarasfarm's Tofu Konjac Noodles address these drawbacks and shortcomings.

Rarasfarm manufactures Tofu Konjac Noodles in a HACCP-certified clean facility, so customers can purchase them confidently.

You can purchase Tofu Konjac Noodles from Rarasfarm at https://smartstore.naver.com/rarasfarm.


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