Rashad Harper Releases New Album, The Separation

Rashad Harper Releases New Album, The Separation

National and international radio from California, to Germany and Singapore are playing the album.

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Online PR News – 09-February-2016 – Jabari Rashad Harper, professionally known as Rashad Harper, picked the first month of the year to release The Separation," his publicist announced today. The album has caught the public's ear with its style, substance, and non-stop flow and is available at

The mile-wide smile suggests that Rashad is having fun. He is. The critics' early reviews have praised "The Separation." And, national and international radio stations from California, to Germany and Singapore are playing the album.

The songwriter and producer fuses several genres with his first album. Earlier this year, NME Music News said it's full of 'warped show tunes, skronking industrial rock, soulful balladeering, airy folk-pop and even hip-hop.'

The lyrics on each of the 16 tracks are precise, crisp, and controlled. Among the selections are "Bring it Back;" "Questions;" "Winning," and "Dreams Come True."

The highlights are numerous and confirm the artist's affinity and homage for the San Francisco bay area, and his home town, Oakland in particular. Harper performs track after track, synth-funk grooves without sounding the least redundant.

The artist says "The album is based on a young man with dreams, goals. It's about having the courage to chase something bigger in life while maintaining a sense of originality. It's the true essence of hip hop compiled onto one energetic and impactful project."

"The Separation" features collaborations with Rayven Justice on "Losing My Cool," and Joe, on "Show Out." All boast impressive percussion effects and electronic bass lines.

The composition and synth genius' humble beginnings began when he was a teenager. Harper said booking studio sessions back then required commuting 20-miles, one-way. One day he had an epiphany: If he bought his own studio, he could save time, money, and have more creative control.

"I knew if I worked a little harder I could get my own. So I worked two jobs that summer," explains Harper. "I started asking questions about how much things cost. I saved all of my money, which is something I don't think most 16-year-olds do. By the end of summer, I had my own studio."

"A few months ago, the industry was unfamiliar with Rashad Harper. The release of 'The Separation' changed that," stated Fran Briggs, publicist to Rashad Harper. "Listeners and lovers of hip hop, rap, funk, jazz and R&B will be pleased with the unfading energy of his debut album."

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“The Separation.”

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