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Re-Opening Companies Face a Major Mail Security Challenge

Companies must deal with the mail the accumulated during their COVID-19 shutdowns

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RaySecur, the leading provider of mail security scanners, announced today that many companies re-opening from coronavirus shutdowns are facing a major mail security challenge.

While they were closed and their employees were away, many companies let their mail pile up. Now they are returning to the security challenge that this backlog creates. A third of companies report mail-borne threats in regular times1; many companies that have laid off employees, or cut pay or services, are reporting an increased number of threats.

“Companies that were shut down are facing a mail security challenge that may be an order of magnitude or greater than their usual threat level,” said RaySecur CEO Alex Sappok. “At the same time, they face physical safety challenges such as keeping mail center personnel at least six feet apart. Companies need to implement new processes–and possibly new technologies–to successfully deal with this.”

RaySecur’s Chief Security Officer, Will Plummer, said, “After 9/11 and immediately following the anthrax letters, mail inside of Washington, DC required new levels of screening causing significant issues and lasting for months. We now face an elevated mail-security challenge nationwide in companies that were shut down. Companies that didn’t previously have robust mail security programs and technologies in place will be especially challenged.”

Plummer has outlined three areas that companies must address in re-opening their mail centers:

  1. Develop procedures and priorities to deal with the current mail overload problem
  2. Implement workspace changes consistent with physical distancing, PPE, and new hygiene guidelines
  3. Collaboratively create and constantly improve new mail security standard operating procedures going forward given the new realities of the post-COVID environment

“Most organizations don’t have a comprehensive, standard operating procedure for these conditions. That’s okay!” said Plummer. “These aren’t ‘standard’ times. But they need to create their procedures to deal with this situation.”

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1 Government Technology & Services Coalition, “Third of Companies Got Mail Threats in Past Year While Biological Screening Doubled,” May 19, 2019


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