Have you received a WhatsApp video feature invite on your messaging app?

whatsapp-video-callHave you received a WhatsApp video call feature invite on your  messaging app? I hope most of the users will say YES. If you also have received it then don't open the link along with the message, it a malicious link.

According to a report, the link takes you to what seems to look like an authentic page where it asks you to send the malicious link to other people on your list. It also mentions the existence of group WhatsApp video calling, a feature that is still not officially available on the platform. WhatsApp has not officially released any links this time to enable any feature, so in case you get any such links, do not visit any of the links. Visiting these links could be harmful and could expose your personal data.

If you want to have Video calling feature then just go and update your WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp video call is activated for all the WhatsApp  users. WhatsApp  had not launched any invite system. So make just make sure you update your WhatsApp  App from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).


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