Red Martyr Entertainment’s 2.5D Horror Adventure Game “Saint Kotar” Nearly Funded on Kickstarter

Zagreb, Croatia, July 17, 2020 --( Saint Kotar is a psychological horror adventure game placed within a unique hand-painted 2.5D world. Indie studio Red Martyr Entertainment are developing Saint Kotar for PC and Consoles (Switch, Playstation and Xbox). The new clicker takes place within over 70 locations of the rural town of Sveti Kotar and boasts over 20 hours of gameplay, two player characters with two storylines and a narrative affected by player decision making. The title is influenced by Broken Sword, Black Mirror (The game not the show), Lovecraft, Twin Peaks and more.

There has been a positive fan reaction to Saint Kotar so far. A prologue called Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask is available on Steam and where the title currently sits on an average review score of 79% and 5/5 stars respectively. Saint Kotar is also available on Kickstarter where it is 89% funded. Reviewers and play testers have praised the artwork, soundtrack, atmosphere, weirdness and voice acting saying they are excited to delve deeper in to the plot.

Saint Kotar aims to set a new standard of immersion in adventure games. In Saint Kotar you follow the frightening tale of Benedek Dohnany and Nikolay Kalyakin as they try to find the truth behind a macabre series of murders and strange phenomena, allegedly related to devil worship and witchcraft. You play with two fascinating characters to unravel a captivating and branching story set in the small rural town of Sveti Kotar. As you switch control between characters, the reality around you changes. Your actions and words affect the storylines you experience and the characters that you meet in this dark place tormented by agony and sorrow.

The ongoing Kickstarter has been successful in securing some huge backers with multiple supporters over $1,000 dollars and one supporter dropping a massive $5,650 to be immortalized in the game as one of the mysterious “Seven Disciples.” Among a number of other exciting perks including going to visit Croatia to go on a guided tour with the developers from Red Marytr Entertainment. Though the game is still in need of your support with 8 days to go to be funded and push for its stretch goals.

“There's a 20 hour story awaiting in Saint Kotar, full of twists and creepiness. The prologue is just an introduction, a small portion of the full experience, which we made all by ourselves. Now, if we're to continue this journey, we need you by our side. We want to make a great game for the players, with the players on our side, and that's what Kickstarter is all about. Creating something amazing together,” said writer and director Marko Tominić.

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