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Rerun the Legend of New York, EIC Reinitiating Epoch-making Urban Upgrading

HANGZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On July 18, a Summit Forum with the theme of "Green Finance and Sustainable Future" was held in the EIC Exhibition Hall in Hangzhou. At the Forum, Professor PAN Jiahua ( Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) made a strategic analysis of the path of China's sustainable economic development under his lofty purposive mind; COO Matthew Gasmer (IFC) and Ms. ZHAO Bingbing (London & Partners) inspired the guests by their speeches on the rise of the Financial Metropolis -New York and the development of City of Fog-London to the Financial City; President MA Jun ( IFS) and Dr. Li Zhiqing (School of economics, Fudan University ) explained the significance and future development of green finance in China and the Yangtze River Delta from a professional level respectively; In addition, General Manager FAN Hongyin ( NIO, Zhejiang Region) also expounded his views on new energy enterprises and green financial innovation from the aspect of industrial implementation.

The Forum presented a panorama of green finance and sustainable development for all. This is due to the fact that EIC, the Host of this Summit Forum, is also a firm practitioner of the path of green development. As a new Financial Micro City designed with advanced concepts and world-class configurations, EIC has adhered to the concept of sustainable development design, built green low-carbon buildings, pursued the harmonious integration of man and nature, and promoted the development of building green low-carbon buildings in EIC from the beginning of its positioning.

Last year, the "British European Innovation Accelerator" jointly built by G5 under JIANGONG and IFC has been located in EIC to promote the implementation of "Double-Carbon", "Green" and sustainable development project; This year, under the background that green finance has become the outlet of economic development and ESG investment has become the mainstream investment trend in the international market, EIC has established the "ESG Reception Hall, Hangzhou".

At the same time, EIC has received both the WELL Gold Precertification and the LEED Gold Precertification. At this Forum, the Senior Executives of WELL and LEED also spoke highly of EIC.


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