Rhenus Asia-Pacific Strengthens Customer-focused Strategy as it Continues Intra-Asia Push

Rhenus Logistics Asia-Pacific embarks on customer-focused approach to build upon touch points globally, including its 15 countries and regions in Asia Pacific. As it aims to double up Intra-Asia volumes and revenues by end of 2020, strengthening its regional presence and capitalizing on digitization trends are key.


 - 14 January 2019 - Intra-Asia
Trade continues to grow steadily as Asia and the Pacific saw its gross domestic
product (GDP) rise from 30.1% in 2000 to 42.6%[1] in 2017,
and account for more than a third of global exports. Average container
utilization globally is expected to increase significantly from 68% in 2017 to
around 80%[2] by 2022,
with average regional utilization levels projected to increase most sharply in
Greater China, North Asia, Southeast Asia and West Coast South America.


the opening of its new office in New Zealand in August 2018 to extend the reach
into the Oceania market, Rhenus Asia-Pacific plans to significantly accelerate
its Intra-Asia growth and presence with a greater focus on customer needs and
trends. The logistics services provider also seeks to tap into emerging
opportunities such as e-commerce and digital technologies. Efforts to identify
potential mergers and acquisition opportunities remain on-going. 


a presence in almost every part of the Asia Pacific, Rhenus has an extensive
portfolio of services, products and solutions. Our intra-Asia trade volume has seen
a steady year-on-year growth of 20-30% for the past 3 years and we aim to
double up the revenue by 2020. We continue to deliver strong Air and Ocean
products, while warehousing, cross-border trucking and rail transportation
remain increasingly important in the region. We are also looking to grow the
E-commerce business for South-east Asia and Greater China, among others," said Jan
Harnisch, CEO of Far East Asia, Rhenus Asia-Pacific.


offices in 15 countries and regions helmed by leaders with local market
knowledge, Rhenus has seen the expansion open up the trade lanes within Asia to
Oceania and Europe.


is on track on a long-term growth strategy to establish strong presence on all
continents. The extension of our presence in the South East Asian markets is
key, where we leverage the possibilities in cross border trucking. We are
seeing strong growth in air freight, especially the trade lanes between Hong
Kong - Bangkok, Taipei - Bangkok, Hong Kong - Delhi, Singapore - Bangkok,
Shanghai - Bangkok," said Tobias Bartz, a Member of the Rhenus Board.


new technologies reshape the logistics marketplace and customer expectations, Rhenus
is staying ahead of the curve, from minimizing manual work by automating
processes, integrating with our vendors via electronic data exchange, and using
ticketing systems to manage internal queries.


refer to the Annex for the respective country snapshot.   


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The Rhenus Group is a logistics services
provider with global business operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.8
billion. Rhenus has business sites at 610 locations worldwide and employs
29,000 people. The Rhenus business areas -- Contract Logistics, Freight
Logistics and Port Logistics -- manage complex supply chains and provide a
wealth of innovative value-added services.

Annex: Country and Region Snapshots

Regional Executive Quotes:

has started an aggressive expansion plan in the face of a mature market in
South-east Asia. We have seen steady growth in the last 12 months, and will
continue to focus on meeting the demand for road and warehousing solutions in
this region" - Joachim Hanssen, CEO of South-east Asia, Rhenus Asia-Pacific.


"In the Greater China market, for example, Rhenus Logistics has an ever- expanding presence and
covers all major trade hubs with 16 offices and 4 warehouse sites. With a
variety of
transport modes and hub
solutions available, we are poised and ready to further accelerate our business
within Asia-Pacific." - Michael Sickinger, CEO of the Greater China region,
Rhenus Asia-Pacific.



  • Rhenus Singapore
    manages a warehouse for short-term storage and transshipment handling.
    It also offers cross-border trucking to Peninsular Malaysia and

[1] Asia
Development Bank's "Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2018" Report

[2] Drewry's
"Global Container Terminal Operators Annual Review and Forecast 2018" Report

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