RIKSOF, a Leading Provider of Customized Retail Software, Successfully Delivers an Integrated POS Solution to Delizia for Optimizing Its Business Operations

RIKSOF helps Delizia to mitigate problems it faced in cash management and inventory control through a fully customized POS system powered by it s2a platform. The system is capable of generating real-time reports and notifications to help managers make timely, well-informed decisions.

Karachi, Pakistan, October 15, 2018 --( Delizia required a comprehensive POS solution to improve its processes as it faced the following key challenges:

- Inventory errors and inaccurate inventory data
- Lack of real-time reporting
- Cash management
- Sales and material forecasting

In October 2017, Delizia with the help of RIKSOF, initiated a project to implement a fully customized POS system to cater to its unique requirements. This POS is now fully operational at all of its outlets.

RIKSOF was able to help Delizia overcome challenges with these features:

- The POS system is capable of generating real-time reports on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis to make intelligent business decisions based on product or shop performance.
- It has a user-friendly interface with a simple and a smooth flow of operations to attract the end-user and improve their accuracy.
- The system eliminates human errors by improving overall efficiency.
- Balances the on hand and projected demand of inventory so that items are never out of stock or over-ordered.
- Information on products, inventory, pricing, or transaction history is readily available.
- Increasing productivity by reducing wastage and losses.

"RISKOF has done a very professional job with the POS system we needed at Delizia," said Ali Khan, Partner at Delizia. "They were mindful and patient in gathering all our requirements and made continued efforts in trying to resolve the issues. Partnering with RIKSOF has enabled us to aggressively look into the possibilities of digitizing our entire systems hence harboring our expansion drive. We would recommend working with RIKSOF."

"Our goal is to fully utilize our experiences from the past 10 years and deliver exceptional value to our clients," said Khurram Ali, CEO at RIKSOF. "Building software is just one piece of the puzzle. Through our s2a platform, we are able to ensure user engagement, timely and delightful support resolution and regular feature updates to keep up with fast-paced movements in the Tech world."

About Delizia
Delizia is a European concept bakery founded in 2014 to bring the authentic taste of European home baking to Karachi. In a span of just two years, Delizia has opened 9 outlets becoming a household name in the city. Its cakes, cupcakes and brownies owe their unique look and exceptional flavor to top quality raw ingredients, baking expertise, and a passionate team of people who love to live their lives by the oven.

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