RJ Models Starts to Have More Cooperation with Designers of Architectural Model Making Projects in Japan

RJ Models is a leader in world class architectural model making; RJ Models distributes their installations exclusively and worldwide, such as throughout US, UK, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan, August 30, 2018 --( Japanese architecture is well known for its refinement and preciseness; the architectural models made for architects are expected to be elaborate and fine.

RJ Models produces great architectural miniatures with the latest model making technologies, exquisite handcraft and cohesive team management.

RJ Models is a world leading architectural model making company founded in Hong Kong. RJ Models has a vast portfolio of projects in Japan, ranging from resort model to official building model.

Ski Kiroro Resort Model
Ski Kiroro Resort Model in Hokkaido is a family-oriented ski destination. To vividly showcase the unique spirit of this resort, RJ Models referred a great deal of relevant information and paid much attention to details, especially the notable stone look façade and snow-covered landscape. Two scale models were made for this resort to fulfill different demands.

Shibuya House Model
Shibuya House Model is a model for an apartment building in the heart of Tokyo. In the scale of 1:80, model expects from RJ Models used 3D printing technologies to display the exquisite details of buildings and people’s daily life. A special spotlight was leveraged by modelers to provide the appearance of sunlight shone on the Shibuya House.

RJ Models has cooperated with many outstanding architects and world-leading architectural design firms around the world. In Japan, RJ also continues consistent cooperation with them.

Nagoya Office Building Model
The Nagoya Office Building was designed by KPF, one of the world top-level design firms. This building not only has a great view of the whole city but also joins the majestic skyline of Nagoya. RJ Models paid great attention to the client’s goal - a statement centerpiece. By using cutting-edge materials and technologies, RJ Models created an exquisite and subtle building model in just 21 days. And as always, the final model got appreciation from clients and viewers.

New National Stadium Model
RJ Models' expert teams worked closely with Zaha Hadid for her new project in Japan, the New National Stadium. Zaha, as always, brought her creativity and unexpected use of curves, defined an iconic silhouette that integrates gently within the cityscape around it. RJ Models used various advanced methods and carefully selected materials to fully show Zaha’s idea.

Nihonbashi Office Building Model
In the cooperation with SOM’s new project, RJ Models showed its consistent professionalism. This Nihonbashi Office Building is set out to balance tradition and innovation and harmonizes with surrounding buildings. Various materials were adopted by designers and modelers illustrated them vividly through using multi-coloring techniques.

About RJ Models
RJ Models understands Japanese culture and architectural style very well and has proven it through many excellent models.

From all aspect of the project, RJ makes sure that the clients’ vision and their models are always in sync to make models that truly represent the spirit of Japan.

RJ Models is a customer-centric and innovative company that works closely with clients in order to realize their aspirations while relying on their own creativity and innovation to produce fabulous architectural models.

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