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Robin’s New Office Pass Helps Businesses Manage a Phased Return to the Office and Support Long-term Hybrid Work Environments

Proprietary Data Shows North America Lags Behind Rest of World in Returning Employees to the Office

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Robin, the first workplace platform that puts people before places, today launched Office Pass to power workplace leaders’ return to office (RTO) strategies. Employee-centric tools, including an intuitive mobile app and interactive office maps, removes the friction and uncertainty associated with an office return. Office Pass also empowers IT, facility, and business leaders with real-time insights that ensure every square foot of the office is optimized to facilitate productivity and collaboration.

Research from PwC highlights the importance of the corporate office in 2021 as only 13% of executives said they’re going to let go of their office for good. This trend is mainly because – in that same report – 87% of employees say the office is essential for collaborating with team members and building relationships. IT, facilities, and other workplace leaders’ primary challenge is creating an exceptional employee workplace experience that instills confidence in employees and helps them perform at their best. Robin’s innovative platform helps forward-thinking businesses transition through this inversion of the traditional office model and reshape their workplace based on employees’ needs.

Robin’s interactive maps make it easy for workplace teams to understand and manage space inventory, from meeting room booking permissions to office seating charts and desk reservations. Employees can easily see which of their colleagues will be working in the office and book desks, conference rooms, and other office assets via desktop, kiosk, or a mobile app. Workplace analytics surface issues, including clearing rooms with abandoned meetings or a lack of quiet spaces, businesses can use to keep tabs on utilization, capacity, and user trends to shape the office based on employees’ preferences.

“Businesses grappling with the depth and breadth of the RTO process use our platform to uncover deep insights that help them shape their workplace to enable an effective hybrid workplace that maximizes their employees’ productivity,” said Robin CTO Brian Muse. “Office Pass eliminates a lot of the friction from the office experience by making it easy to align their schedules with colleagues, book a desk, and leverage all of their company’s assets to the fullest.”

In addition to launching Office Pass, Robin’s published the first installment of its Return to the Office Tracker series. The Company’s research team analyzes millions of real-life desk and office bookings from employees worldwide to surface trends business leaders can use to guide their own RTO strategies. Here are some of the highlights from the inaugural report:

  • Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Provides Window into the Future for North America

    • ANZ employees are roughly three months ahead of North America. If this trend continues, Robin expects NA employees to start returning to the office twice a week in April
    • The majority of ANZ employees go into the office an average of 2 days a week
    • The majority of ANZ workers come into the office early in the week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), then work from home in greater numbers at the end of the week
    • The average conference room is booked twice a day for about 1.5 hours out of an 8-hour workday
    • Despite the positive data, the region isn’t fully back to normal as only 20% of businesses have their entire workforce back in the office full-time
  • North America’s Slow, Uneven Return to the Office

    • Workers in the ANZ, Asia-Pacific, and Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) regions are returning to the office at a much higher rate than North America since October 2020
    • Similar to ANZ, Tuesday is North American employees’ favorite day to work in the office, followed by Monday and Wednesday
    • Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina are returning the most people to the office in early 2021
    • Despite removing all COVID restrictions in early March, Texas ranks just 13th among all states in employees working in the office. The Lone Star State ranks one spot behind Massachusetts, a state that has executed a much more systematic reopening plan
    • Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio are the states with the least amount of people coming into the office
  • Beware the “Employee Bounce Rate”

    • Robin found that nearly 15% of global employees went into their office once and never returned. This “employee bounce rate” doesn’t offer specific insights into why employees didn’t come back, but it’s reasonable to assume they didn’t feel comfortable with their office at that time.

Interested in seeing Office Pass in action? Click here to schedule your demo: https://pages.robinpowered.com/schedule-your-demo?utm_campaign=General%202021&utm_source=Homepage

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