Russell Finex Industrial Gyratory Sifters for Screening Pharmaceutical Powders

The Russell Eco Separator® delivers high-performance separation of various pharmaceutical powders at Windlas Biotech.

New Delhi, India, September 20, 2019 --( Established in 2001, Windlas Biotech Limited (commonly known as Windlas Biotech) located in India, researches and manufactures high-therapeutic-value drugs for the global pharmaceutical market.

In order to optimize production, the company turned to Russell Finex, global sieving and filtration specialists, for a hygienic and versatile sieving solution for processing various pharmaceutical powders at a high capacity.

At one plant, the company produces a range of pharma formulation products. To ensure only high-quality products are manufactured, the pharmaceutical powders are screened at the granulation stage to remove contamination.

Previously, Windlas Biotech was using a traditional rotary sifter at this stage of the process. This machine was noisy and unhygienic, and had low throughput rates, meaning the company was struggling to meet the demands of its customers. After analyzing capacity requirements, necessary hygiene levels and budget, it was decided the Russell Eco Separator® was the ideal solution for this application.

The Russell Eco Separator® is a high-performance separator designed to meet the needs of modern-day pharmaceutical processing and the sieving of difficult powders. This hygienic and versatile solution can provide up to five fractions of powder in one operation, giving customers total peace of mind that the product sieved is of the highest quality and consistency to meet their requirements. As with the entire range of Russell Finex separators, this unit is designed with minimal contact parts to allow for easy cleaning and strip down without the need for tools, which reduces production downtime.

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