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SalesNow Announces Top 10 IT Industry Salaries in Japan

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SalesNow, the leading Tokyo-based company on a mission to "Transform work through data and technology," unveils the top 10 average annual salaries in the IT sector among publicly listed companies in Japan. This revelation stems from SalesNow DB, their expansive database that covers over 5.4 million Japanese companies, offering critical insights into compensation trends within the IT industry.

Key Highlights:

The Top 10 Ranking:

Derived from SalesNow DB, Japan's most extensive company database, the report highlights the top IT companies based on average annual salaries.

Research Methodology:

The data spans from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023, focusing on 'Main Industries' for compiling the rankings. SalesNow DB collates information from various public sources including commercial and real estate registrations, tax records, government announcements, and online publications.

Data Credibility:

While SalesNow endeavors for utmost accuracy, the completeness of the information is not guaranteed.

Top Performers:

  1. Just Systems: Renowned for the Japanese input system 'ATOK' and the tablet-based education service 'Smile Zemi' for middle school students. Their clientele spans private companies and local governments.
  2. Nomura Research Institute: Specializes in consulting, IT solutions, and IT infrastructure services, primarily serving the financial sector.
  3. Dentsu International Information Service: A key system integrator in the Dentsu Group, focused on cutting-edge technology research and implementation.

Additional notable companies include Oracle Corporation Japan, SRA Holdings, Axcel, Plaid, GMO Financial Gate, and Obic.

TOP10 Ranking


About SalesNow DB:

  • Database Coverage: Encompasses 5.4 million companies nationwide, aiding BtoB sales by minimizing manual tasks like list creation and company research.
  • Updated Information: Regular updates ensure access to the most current corporate data.
  • Sales Efficiency: SalesNow's goal is to streamline traditional sales processes, fostering effective strategies and maximizing sales productivity.

Media Use: When citing this data, please credit SalesNow DB.

More details at SalesNow DB (https://salesnow.jp/db)


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