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SCIEX Launches New Data Independent Acquisition, ZT Scan DIA, at ASMS 2024

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#DIA--At ASMS 2024, SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, introduces ZT Scan DIA for LC-MS/MS, the next generation in data-independent acquisition (DIA) that leverages the combination of the quadrupole dimension with the rich MS2 data attainable from the Zeno trap.

DIA allows for the measurement of all compounds within a sample in a targeted manner. It has been a central catalyst for shifting mass spectrometry from a discovery science to one that facilitates longitudinal studies, as required in clinical research and precision medicine research. However, the challenge remained to improve throughput and depth of coverage in proteomic measurements while maintaining consistency and quantitative precision.

ZT Scan DIA follows SWATH DIA and most recently, Zeno SWATH DIA, delivering the depth of coverage characteristic of DIA approaches but with the precision, sensitivity and selectivity of targeted quantitative workflows.

  • ZT Scan DIA can be leveraged to quantify more proteins at higher precision than previous DIA workflows, bridging the gap between ID and translation and delivering quantitative biological insight, that can inform disease understanding and efficacy of biomarkers.
  • Crucial pathway decisions with precise quantitative outcomes can be made up to 10X the speed of previous DIA workflows from SCIEX. Scientists can precisely quantify proteins, providing translational certainty that can be accurately validated at scale.
  • Analyze low protein loads at greater speeds than conventional DIA within biomarker discovery and development, to reduce uncertainty in quantitative protein measurements. Scientists can target, validate and translate, adding additional certainty in quantitative measurement.

To further optimize the potential of proteomic depth enabled by ZT Scan DIA, SCIEX announces a collaboration with Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI), provider of next-generation, deep learning proteomics solutions, AI-driven biotechnology solutions. Its PEAKS software suite is industry acknowledged as a leader in proteomic data processing.

“With PEAKS software, we can exploit a new dimension of the spectral data to improve ID rates and quantitative accuracy. Together, by factoring the new dimension exposed by the sliding quadrupole in ZT Scan DIA into the protein and peptide score and the extensive visualizations offered by PEAKS software, researchers will have the ability to attain a better understanding of their results faster, and with more confidence,” says Baozhen Shan, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer at BSI.

“Whether confirming if a biomarker is the right target, validating a new translational biomarker as a drug discovery candidate, or deciding a pathway for therapeutic efficacy, the decisions you make count. ZT Scan DIA will help researchers extract insightful biological answers from its multidimensional data," said Jose Castro-Perez, Vice President, Product Management at SCIEX.

Learn more about the ZT Scan DIA by visiting www.sciex.com/ztscandia.


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About Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is an AI-driven biotechnology company that is committed to advancing research by providing innovative proteomics solutions with machine learning and ground-breaking algorithms integrated into the latest mass spectrometry technology. BSI is best known in the research community for the development of the mass spectrometry-based proteomics software, PEAKS. The mission of the company is to facilitate drug discovery and advance the frontier of biological research through AI-driven commercial software and professional contract research organization services.

For more information, visit bioinfor.com

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