SEO Freelance Announces Advanced SEO Audit to Help Businesses in This Pandemic

Noida-Based SEO Expert Offers Digital Marketing Services. Himanshu Swaraj, an SEO expert with over a decade of experience, offering a free SEO Audit on his website. The SEO Audit includes in-depth customized website details, including HTML, On-site, Off-site parameters along with Social Presence. SEO Audit is very crucial for businesses before commencing SEO and looking for a digital presence.

Noida, India, August 06, 2020 --( After nearly a decade in the digital marketing industry, expert Freelance SEO consultant Himanshu Swaraj has announced an in-depth SEO Audit to anyone interested in increasing their Google ranking and presence.

Swaraj's Audit will cover pivotal SEO parameters including, HTML and structure issues, advanced technical analysis & advice, on-site SEO stats, content development, backlinks stats, and competition analysis.

The Audit will contain over 100+ points with an overall score reflecting your current SEO status.

Why has Swaraj decided to release an Audit on SEO in particular?
The Noidian explained his decision, saying, "SEO has been a crucial part of Digital Marketing for many years... Google has released a statement saying SEO improves your site and save time."

But despite this, he has found that there is still some resistance to SEO specially in this pandemic time. Without a next-level SEO strategy, Swaraj warns, the other aspects of your Digital Marketing strategy "won't have the full impact to succeed."

Swaraj is passionate about helping others learn from his years of experience in the digital marketing world. In particular, Swaraj wants to dispel any myths about SEO automation automatically being Black/grey Hat. He says, "It's 2020. You've got to embrace technology; you don't have to do everything manually." In the audit, Swaraj covers how to use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Social Media to take your strategy to the next level.

For those interested in more in-depth SEO information, Swaraj also offers an SEO Consultancy. Swaraj specializes in Technical On-site SEO, link building outreach, pay per click, social media, influencer marketing, local business SEO, PR outreach, and more.

About Himanshu Swaraj
Himanshu Swaraj is a Noida based SEO expert who has been working in Digital Marketing for 12 years. Swaraj works independently to provide customized SEO solutions for his clients, with whom he works very closely. Swaraj is also a sought-after speaker on SEO and Digital Marketing and has spoken at many conferences. You can listen to his podcast, Himanshu Swaraj's Digital Marketing Podcast, on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others.

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