Sergei Tokarev: Lucky Labs Presented a New Book on Genetics to Ukrainian Children

IT company Lucky Labs’ publishing charity project presented a new book at a forest children's camp.

Sergei Tokarev: Lucky Labs Presented a New Book on Genetics to Ukrainian Children

Kyiv, Ukraine, July 25, 2019 --( Thanks to collaboration of LuckyBooks charity project, founded by Lucky Labs, with Stary Lev Publishing House, the book by Mexican authors Francisco Xavier Soberón Mainero and Monica Bergna "Same or different? Genomics" was published in the Ukrainian language.

The book explains the fundamentals of genetics and tells the reader what we all have in common, and why we are all so different. Such books are very popular among modern youth.

Representatives of Lucky Labs visited the forest children's camp Drevlyanska Sich to present this book.

"Progress in IT technology, medicine, robotics, and other achievements of humanity are the result of the functioning of science. The level of development of science in any country reflects the general intellectual level of society. It is very important to show children that science is not only useful, but also fun, interesting and progressive. Science must always be trendy. That is why, we have chosen publishing the books for teenagers in the non-fiction genre as a social project for our company. We started popularizing science two years ago, and today we see how correct and timely our decision was," says co-founder of Lucky Labs Sergei Tokarev.

At the beginning of the presentation, a lecture took place. It gave all guests the idea of what genes and DNA are and why scientists explore them. Then, there were some experiments. All children were able to search for DNA in a banana and watermelon with the help of household items. And it turned out that it can be seen with the naked eye.

The most active teenagers got a copy of the "Genomics" as a gift. Other children will soon be able to read the new book by LuckyBooks and Stary Lev Publishing House in children's libraries of Ukraine.

"Genomics" is the seventh book of the project, and the second book concerning the development of genetics. A year ago, LuckyBooks organized publishing the book on biotechnology "Summer in the length of DNA" by Ukrainian writer Alina Shtefan.

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