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SHARGE Launches Official Website in Germany, Expanding Global Presence

SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leading global tech company SHARGE, is excited to announce the launch of its official website in Germany. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the brand as it continues to grow its global footprint and offer its cutting-edge products to a wider audience.

The new German website provides German consumers with easy access to the brand's top-of-the-line charging solutions. To celebrate the launch of the German official website, SHARGE will be offering exclusive deals for a limited time. Visit de.sharge.com to check out more.

Among the featured products are:

Shargeek 170 is the latest large-capacity power bank of SHARGE, featuring a unique design and powerful performance such as multiple fast-charging ports. It's one of the most popular products.

  1. 3-device Fast Charging
  2. 170W Max Output & 140W Max Input
  3. 24,000mAh All-day Power
  4. Smart Display
  5. IP66 Water Resistant

ICEMAG is the pioneer in magnetic power banks featuring cutting-edge active cooling technology and sleek, ice-cool transparent exterior that not only makes a style statement but also reveals the intricate machinery within.

  1. Ice-cool transparent design
  2. Active cooling fan
  3. Full-spectrum dynamic RGB
  4. 10,000mAh large capacity

SHARGE Disk is a perfect M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure for EDC devices. Weighing in at a mere 24g and designed to fit in your pocket, SHARGE Disk combines compactness with powerful features.

  1. Pocket size
  2. Active cooling fan. Cools down SSD by 20 ℃
  3. Up to 10Gbps transfer
  4. Cable-free with USB-C male port
  5. Tool-free SSD assembly


Founded in 2020, SHARGE is a leading innovator in the power supply industry. Products including Shargeek 100, Shargeek 170, ICEMAG, SHARGE Disk and Retro 67 enjoy widespread acclaim for their cutting-edge design.

Going forward, SHARGE will keep dedicated to personal & outdoor power solutions, high-power fast charging technology, and other premium & advanced tech products, aiming to be a pioneer on the path to carbon neutrality and sustainable future.

For more information about SHARGE and its products, please visit de.sharge.com.


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