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Shinkowa Pharmaceutical Launches a Research to Scientifically Substantiate Biological Safe Material, NMN’s Effect of Improving Immune System as an Infection Control Measure of COVID-19 and Other Infections

We are the company that will achieve productive aging worldwide, delivering wellness science based on research evidence.

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Shinkowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo Chuo-Ward, CEO: Megumi Tanaka) is the largest nutraceutical (health supplemental food which is scientifically proved) producer of β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) blended nutraceutical, which is effective to maintain health and longevity, providing high-purity NMN to universities and researchers both domestic and foreign.

It launches a research to scientifically substantiate biological safe material, NMN’s effect of improving immune system as an infection control measure of COVID-19 and other infections. And our goal is to apply the research result to prevent and treat infections.

Our in-house research laboratory, Life Science Lab has confirmed that expression level increases at the level of protein in longevity gene or so-called anti-aging gene such as Sirtuin 1, and quantity of mitochondria which reforms nutrition in cells to energy effectively when we add NMN appropriately to human cells in culture solution.

The result scientifically shows that our product, NMN fully uses enormous types of genes which are embedded in human genome via adjustment by Sirtuin 1 and maintain the intracellular mechanism by circulating energy exhaustively at the same time.

The above result strongly suggests a possibility that NMN can reinforce immunity when it effects immune system cells (lymphocytic T cell etc.)

We are now engaging in an experiment to observe how CD4+ helper T cell and CD8+ killer T cell, which is the main immunity system against infections, will be adjusted appropriately by NMN to look for a way to apply NMN as precaution and treatment of infections. The experiment is conducted under conditions that imitates various human body where T cell functions such as in bloodstream, capillary vessel and infiltration system with special facilities which can cultivate cells. We are also analyzing how T cell reacts to NMN under specific body’s internal environment and its molecular mechanism.

Many research institutes and hospitals are encouraging people to strengthen immunity since effective treatments, remedies and vaccines for COVID-19 have not been developed yet.

It is empirically supposed that taking enough sleep, meals (alimentation), exercise and stress minimization have certain effect on reinforcing immunity. However, these are not supported by scientific point of view. Moreover, it is not easy to practice these recommendations perfectly under the quarantine to restrain COVID-19 to spread.

We have been consistently analyzing and practicing the in vivo mechanism that taking NMN-blended nutraceutical (health supplemental food which is scientifically proved. It is said that it has higher reliability than any supplement) can resist so-called immune deficiency, a continuous and indulgent physical disorder but which has not been regarded as an illness either as a healthy condition.

In the midst of these ongoing efforts and facing the current pandemic of COVID-19, we are accelerating our research aimed at improving the immune system to prevent viral infections and severe illness.

The research is cooperated with The System Biology Institute (Representative ; Dr. Kitano Hiroaki) to lead a research of control and preventive effect against allergy, inflammation, cytokine storm (severe shock-like conditions caused by a runway immune system) and mainly pulmonary disease. (It is reported on a recent paper on The Lancet, one of the 5 prestigious medical journals that cytokine storm is highly related to worsen COVID-19 patients’ condition.)

Besides, we have decided to launch a new clinical trial as a pilot study with medical research institutes to observe various parameters related to immunity such as the number of CD8+ killer T cell in human (tester) blood, specification of the number of type and quantity of cells in the tester’s intestinal flora at the species level to confirm those parameters can be increased by taking NMN.

This trial aims to analyze improvements which are based on the test result precisely and to obtain scientific evidence by improving physical disorders and prevention and reinforcing immunity to prove human’s potential strength which can contribute to preventions of epidemics.

And the result of the trial is expected to be disclosed and used effectively by various research institutes.

We established a reputation as pioneer of NMN bio-venture company which conducted the first NMN clinical trial with human body, launched various science-based products, and in charge of both research and sales. We are also aiming to contribute to the society by improving Quality Of Life.

Our NMN is well known as its high purity and stability, which is over 99%, and its safety is tested both with human and rodent. There are only 2 companies in the world who produces such high quality NMN including Shinkowa Pharmaceutical.

Achievements of Shinkowa Pharmaceutical regarding our Field of Research

・Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri) received a grant from the U. S. Department of Defense and conducted a clinical research under “Effect of NMN Supplementation on Organ System Biology” (Verification of benefits of NMN supplementation to Organ System Biology). Shinkowa Pharmaceutical concluded the contract, so called “Material Donation Agreement” that donates NMN products used for research. (November 2019)

The clinical research was mainly conducted by Shin-Ichiro Imai, M. D., Ph. D (Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri), School of Medicine, Department of Development Biology /Department of Medicine (joint)), and Samuel Klein, M. D. (William H. Danforth Professor of Medicine and Nutritional Science , Director of Center for Human Nutrition, Chief of Division of Geriatrics and Nutritional Science, Director of the Center for Applied Research Sciences, Director of Weight Management Program). The research tests the benefits of NMN supplementation by oral administration. Our NMN was highly evaluated and adopted officially as products used for the clinical research.

・National University of Yamaguchi, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Department (Prof. Tohru Kimura, Biofunction Sciences, Experimental Zoology) and subject (companion animal : Dog) conducted under “Effects of NMN administration on Longevity and Anti-Aging Effects to Dogs: Confirmation of Improvements on Blood Components and Intestinal Flora accompanied by Activation of Longevity gene” (July 2019). The analysis is going on and they are planning to announce the results into thesis after completion.

・Establishment of our own NMN Laboratory “Life Science Lab”. (June 2019)

Opened and operated in Nihonbashi in Tokyo.

To enhance further scientific basis, research and analysis are going on.

・We received an intermediate report of a clinical research of oral ingestion (24 weeks) of NMN conducted by the Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, National University of Hiroshima, and we started further cooperation with research institutions. (February 2019)

We conducted a clinical research to analyze the effect of oral ingestion (24 weeks) of NMN for the first time in the world. In this intermediate report, we confirmed the increase in various growth hormones and expression of the of Sirtuin 1 (longevity gene / anti-aging gene). The increased expression of Sirtuin 1 (longevity gene / anti-aging gene) was identified, and then suppression and recovery of diseases (lifestyle-related disease, cancer, dementia, and other chronic diseases, etc.) caused by aging were expected. We conducted clinical research promptly and multidimensionally to confirm the related mechanism of action.

We also observed the increase in various growth hormones, especially in melatonin. It is said that melatonin is strongly related to sleep, and good quality sleep is related to tumor suppression. We would like to disclose future results of the clinical research to various research organizations and would like them to use these results for further development.

・Life-Science Research program (November, 2018)

With non-profit organization system biotechnology research institute (Representative; Dr Hiroaki Kitano) to find out the mechanism of action for NMN under “Elucidation of Intracellular mechanism of action for NMN based on Multi-Omics analysis,” the agreement of research outsourcing was made. Research was completed in March, 2020 and planning on making a thesis.

The other side of above mentioned, to begin with cooperating between in-house research and each Japanese domestic university and diverse activities are going on.

What is NMN (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide)?

NMN (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide) is safe substance made by vitamin B3 inside the biological cell and existing inside the body of every creature. Broccoli and green soybeans contain comparatively large number of this component; however, which is not enough to make up for. The evidence of improving one’s health becomes clearer by keeping supplemented actively purer NMN inside the body. Representatively, the problem of age-related obesity, diabetic, Fatty liver, Hyperlipidemia, decreasing metabolic capacity in muscle, reducing bone density, decreasing in activity becomes alleviated as reported. Research is ongoing all over the world to go deep into the details of mechanism of it. The important fact revealed by previous researches is that NMN is converted to NAD+ inside the body the different substance and affects to hypothalamus of the brain and adjust functions of mitochondria, signal response protein for necessary various life support (skeletal muscle, visceral organ, cell, blood vessel, nerve). Taking NAD+ directly will not cause the same effects as taking NMN. The reason is that NAD+ is digested mostly by ingestion, and NAD+ can’t go through between blood and brain barrier route. In addition, NAD+ does not pass through the brain-blood barrier and its chemical properties will keep it from entering the cells. Furthermore, in case of direct dosage of NAD+ into blood, there is a risk of causing similar symptoms of diabetes from abnormality in carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, taking NMN is important instead of taking NAD+.

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