#ShopeeHaul Gaya Lagi Lit Delivers Modest Fashion for Every Malaysian Woman

Support Local Businesses, Foster Inclusive Fashion

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 2 July 2024 - Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, unveils #ShopeeHaul Gaya Lagi Lit, a curated capsule wardrobe designed to empower Malaysian women on their journeys of self-expression. This innovative collection prioritises versatility and flattering silhouettes, offering a range of modest pieces that can be effortlessly combined to achieve three distinct styles: Warna Lit Lit, Every Body Cantik, and Girl Boss.

Three #ShopeeHaul Gaya Lagi Lit looks: Warna Lit Lit, Every Body Cantik, and Girl Boss
Three #ShopeeHaul Gaya Lagi Lit looks: Warna Lit Lit, Every Body Cantik, and Girl Boss

Gaya Lagi Lit embodies a commitment to inclusivity, featuring staple garments designed to flatter diverse body types and skin tones. Curated by Shopee’s in-house fashion stylist, the collection empowers women to cultivate a personal style that reflects their unique personality with unwavering confidence. Each piece fosters effortless, budget-conscious self-expression, while simultaneously supporting the continued growth and success of Malaysian fashion sellers on the e-commerce platform.
“Shopee is proud to unveil the 7.7 #ShopeeHaul Gaya Lagi Lit collection, a culmination of strategic partnerships with Malaysian fashion brands: Ariana Exclusive, Desince, Garden Store, Hany Shop, Indah Pesona, Le’Fonse, Lovito Muslim, Lovito, Marvelry, Muslimin and Muslimah, and Syifa Exclusive. This modest capsule wardrobe offers an affordable price range to expand access to stylish apparel for underserved consumers. By offering a range of flattering and versatile pieces, it allows Malaysian women to curate a wardrobe that truly reflects their individuality and inspires them to confidently navigate the world,” stated Ming Kit Tan, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee Malaysia.

Warna Lit Lit: Bold and Eye-Catching
‘Warna Lit Lit’ is for the bold woman, a daring spirit, and a unique sense of style. She thrives on creating looks with complementary colours to showcase her individuality. Be creative and discover new favourites that enhance your natural beauty.
Consider an oversized t-shirt from Le’Fonse and skirt from Desince, Indah Pesona, or Syifa Exclusive for a relaxed yet statement-making foundation. Don't forget to incorporate your favourite shawl from Hany Shop for a touch of cultural flair. Personalise this look with fun accessories like a colourful beaded bracelet from Marvelry and with a mini-bag from Garden Store.
Soften the look by layering a neutral-coloured jacket from Lovito over the outfit. Celebrates the power of colour and joy with Warna Lit Lit.

Every Body Cantik: Style Without Limits
‘Every Body Cantik’ celebrates the beauty that radiates from within. We believe clothing serves as a powerful tool for self-expression, not a restrictive measure. Here, confidence takes centre stage – you deserve to feel empowered and undeniably stylish, regardless of your body type.
This maxi dress from Lovito Muslim supports body inclusivity. The dress is a canvas for your unique aesthetic, your key to feeling confident, no matter your size. When cinched with a belt, the dress flatters while maintaining comfort. Adorn yourself with jewellery from Marvelry and add a touch of sophistication with a tudung bawal from Muslimin and Muslimah. Your choice of footwear allows you to make this look your own.
Ultimately, ‘Every Body Cantik’ celebrates the beauty that resides within each of us. Embrace your individuality and project your confidence!
Girl Boss: The Empowered Woman
The modern Malaysian woman embodies a spirit of unwavering self-confidence and drive. This is the look for a ‘Girl Boss’ — a smart casual look for all the strong, independent Malaysian women out there.
Plicated trousers and crisp button-up shirts from Lovito Muslim form the foundation of this outfit, while a statement jacket from Lovito adds a layer of confident power. Muslim ladies can choose a tasteful tudung shawl from Ariana Exclusive to make this look their own. Bold jewellery optional but adds to the ensemble, a testament to your individuality.
Finish off the look with a pair of sleek boots or heels that command attention, while sneakers inject a touch of urban dynamism. The perfect bag completes the look, a practical accessory that reflects your determination and focus.
“#ShopeeHaul operates on a dual mission: first, by empowering local SMEs within the modest fashion industry. This not only fosters innovation and job creation, but also ensures a wider range of high-quality options for our customers. Secondly, #ShopeeHaul enhances product selection for Malaysian customers, particularly those seeking affordable apparel. This commitment to inclusivity exemplifies Shopee's dedication to leveraging technology to create a more diverse and accessible online marketplace for everyone,” Tan elaborates further.
Shopee continues to streamline fashion shopping for Malaysians with On-Time Guarantee for faster deliveries (including next-day and instant delivery) and more Shopee self-collection points. An expanded "Change of Mind" return policy allows for hassle-free returns on more items during the 15 Days Free Returns - No Questions Asked* Guarantee period, allowing users to shop confidently and discover their favourite modest looks with ease.
Learn more about #ShopeeHaul Gaya Lagi Lit and shop RM1 Super Seringgit Fashion Deals this 7.7 Mega Fashion Sale here:

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