Shopmatic brings a volley of power-packed features, aiding merchant discoverability & success

  • Launches POS feature to enable
    omnichannel sales�
  • Joins
    forces with to help customers leverage AI-enabled marketing

SINGAPORE�-�Media OutReach�-�November 7, 2019 -
Determined to enable online & offline success for small businesses and
aspiring entrepreneurs, international e-commerce enabler Shopmatic has launched
a volley of exciting new features to enable merchant discovery and success when
they bring their businesses online. The fast-emerging e-commerce leader has
launched a new POS feature on its platform that simplifies inventory management
and expedites order generation. Furthermore, the brand has partnered with to help its merchants benefit from the repertoire of AI-enabled
marketing automation services.

The new Shopmatic Point of Sale
feature was built especially for merchants participating in exhibitions, flea
market, and / or any physical events to support reconciling the offline and
online orders creating an omnichannel experience for the merchant. Taking the
pain away from inventory and bulk order management, the feature is optimised
for mobile browsing.�

Shopmatic partnership with, businesses can now utilise
cutting-edge advancements in AI to promote their businesses online. The
platform can reach over 1.2m shoppers every month and supports merchants
through cross-channel marketing across Google, Facebook and Affiliate Marketing
by allowing businesses to pre-determine a specified daily budget to run
efficient digital marketing campaigns for their individual brands. The tool is
simple to use and puts the control in the hands of the merchant whilst keeping
the cost transparent.

Shopmatic has always focused on
helping small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs on its platform drive
visibility and growth. The successful launch of Shopmatic World, a disruptive
discovery platform that curates the stories of its various merchant products
continues to drive online shoppers to their individual web stores, the
partnership with now allows merchants to take ownership of their
own advertising.�

Commenting on the latest
developments, Anurag Avula,
Co-Founder & CEO of Shopmatic
said, "We are driven with the vision
to enable the online and offline success of our merchants. We are excited to
announce launch of Shopmatic POS and our partnership with The
partnership has been built on a strong foundation of our shared passion towards
enabling better prospects for our customers in the e-commerce & retail

Ashish Mehta, CEO
added, "The world of online commerce could be overwhelming for small-scale
businesses, lacking the required funds or technical knowledge. To the same end,
Shopmatic has certainly changed the status quo and has been levelling the
playing field for aspiring businesses. At, we find it as an
incredible opportunity to join forces with Shopmatic and utilise our tech
expertise in enabling the online success of small businesses and aspiring
entrepreneurs at the platform."

Till date, Shopmatic has
enabled the online success of over 300,000+ businesses. It has constantly
persevered to bring the latest tech advancements on its platform, determined to
enable the online success of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in
emerging markets. Shopmatic had recently acquired CombineSell and Octopus
Retail Management to help merchants promote their products across marketplaces
and offline retail spaces. Endeavoring to consolidate its presence as an
e-commerce and omnichannel leader, Shopmatic plans to continue its spree of
launching exciting and cutting-edge features to enable the success of merchants
on its platform.

About Shopmatic

Founded in December 2014, Shopmatic has been driving game-changing
strategies in the ecommerce space and has engineered itself to stay focused on
helping its customers succeed.

With its recent acquisition of
Octopus, Shopmatic is driving an omnichannel play for individual entrepreneurs
and businesses in emerging markets, by enabling the entire
ecommerce-&-retail-management ecosystems for them to succeed.

From a domain name to easy
integrations with domestic and international payment gateways and shipping
partners, to getting discovered via a unique, curated platform- Shopmatic World
to POS, Inventory Management and CRM solutions, Shopmatic helps business owners
manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their business.

Shopmatic is headquartered in
Singapore with a presence in India, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Philippines and
UAE. The company is quickly expanding to the rest of South-East Asia, this

Shopmatic has raised 20 M SGD
from its incorporation till date with August One, SEEDS Capital and a
consortium of investors.

For more information, please
visit��or contact�[email protected]

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