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Singer Devin White Creates a Unique Pathway in the Business of Music, Helping a Lot of Others in the Process

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Success in the music business is a daunting task. The need for stability or lack of fiscal progress usually forces creatives away from their dreams into more assured life paths. Usually. In other instances, some daringly ambitious hopefuls have learned to define their lanes against difficult adversities.

Through a series of music driven platforms, most notably The Rel Carter Culture Tour (a unique venture created between himself and Rel Carter, nephew of rap mogul Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter) and Soundcheck, a VR based music network, Devin White has created an unmatched level of access to industry contingency and delivered it to creative communities to their advantage. “There’s a culture of discovering someone or something that could benefit your career and immediately wanting to conceal it or keep it to yourself.” said White.

“That’s short sighted in the long term. We all win when bridges are built. That’s how we move everything forward.”

White’s brands are structured from the view of the artist as oppose to that of an executive or the average music promoter. They thrive on real engagement, giving artists the ability to gather intimate views of industry functionality. “I’m inspired to build things I wish we had in the past.”

He credits some of his growth to his time developing The Culture Tour. “Rel [Carter] had to say yes.” said White. “We couldn’t create the community we have or build to this level without his Yes...that sort of insight and influence. He showed me and the VP Tiara [Purnell] alot about looking out for others while remaining fair to ourselves.

When the topic switches to music, White’s mind is more complex. His last effort, 2019’s “Fever” debuted last fall and was quickly grabbed by Complex magazine for their ‘Song of The Week’ column.

“I’m still finding balance with things. Some say you can’t do both.” said White. “I’m hype about music right now. I’ve been blessed and at times decided certain things were bigger than my own self interest. I know what it’s like to feel stuck or without tools and wanted to help change the playing field. I’m grateful to know my path. Whatever happens next is God’s plans."

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