SK Jewellery Group launches new Virtual Concierge Service to allow you to have a private one-on-one jewellery session within the comforts of your home

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April 2020 - Truly, you can do just about anything online these days, and
SK Jewellery is here to prove that.

jewellery retailer brand -- SK Jewellery Group announces the launch of their new
suite of digital services for customers -- to book a virtual appointment session
within the comforts of their own home.

process of purchasing an engagement ring, or high-value luxury jewellery is
typically not done over the web. As the phrase goes -- "seeing is believing".
Many customers choose to see jewellery pieces in person first before putting
their card down to purchase.

as non-essential stores temporarily close and more importantly, people stay
home for safe social distancing measures -- SK Jewellery Group decides to
provide their customers with a similar, personalized consultation. One that is
conducted in person, just not physically.

way it works: A customer can view and book a virtual consultation over the
website at a click of a button, before being directed to answer a quick series
of questions for the sales consultant to better understand his requirements.
Upon confirmation, a remote session will be scheduled with the customer,
conducted over screen conferencing app Zoom.

the session, the sales consultants would show in-live the various designs of
appeal, as well as conducting an education session for the customers. This
online concierge service would be made available across the entire suite of
brands -- SK Jewellery, Love & Co. and Star Carat Shop.

offering a new touchpoint, SK Jewellery Group hopes to be able to better engage
its customers and walk hand in hand with its customers through this challenging
climate. To further encourage its customers, SK Jewellery Group would be
incentivizing the first 20 customers with complimentary Grabfood and E-store

all jewellery lovers out there, check out this new nifty feature at SK
Jewellery, Love & Co. and Star Carat Shop website today.

more information, please visit any of the websites under SK Jewellery Group:

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