Sky Fund Launches Investable Index of Alternative UCITS Funds

Hamilton, Bermuda, June 11, 2015 --( Asset management firm Sky Fund has entered into an advisory agreement with a European bank for a new, actively-managed index of liquid alternative UCITS funds called SkyRank Navigator.

Sky Fund and the issuing bank have launched a 10-year note that is linked to the performance of the SkyRank Navigator Index. The note pays 2X the performance of the Index, in excess of 3-month libor, 100% principal protected at maturity and has weekly liquidity. The index is priced by an independent pricing agent with headquarters in Frankfurt.

The SkyRank System, which primarily utilizes a system of hedge fund ratings, identifies single funds, funds of funds, and liquid alternative funds that consistently produce high risk adjusted returns over time. Sky Fund's SkyRank System analyzes over 15,000 funds and liquid alternative funds on a continuous basis analyzing which funds are optimal to add and suboptimal to remove from the index in order to produce the highest volatility adjusted performance.

�SkyRank was created specifically with pension funds and insurance companies in mind, and I believe if applied universally, it can help to eradicate pension fund shortfalls,� said Joseph Omansky, the founder and CEO of Sky Fund.

The principal protected note is available as a portfolio choice through Red Gate Capital. John Chon, CEO of Red Gate said, �Our client base always looks primarily at capital preservation, secondly consistent performance and finally fee transparency. We have been able to achieve all of the above through SkyRank�s innovation of structuring an actively managed UCITS Index with a high participation level and 100% principal protection. We are delighted to have this product as our main portfolio choice for our investment linked insurance policies and to our balance sheet clients.�

Peter Urbani, a portfolio manager at Sky Fund added, �The Index is designed to have low volatility and for the past three and half years has exhibited volatility below that of Barclays Aggregate Treasury Bond Index. Products linked to the index are appropriate for institutions seeking out low volatility, stable performing investments, like pensions, insurance companies, endowments and ultra high net worth investors who are interested in preserving their capital while growing it in a stable, predictable manner and those who want no risk of capital loss."

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