Smart Business Broker Inc. Offers Indian EB-5 Visa Investors a Faster, Safer, and Cheaper Alternative to the EB-5 Visa Program

Indian investors need to wait over 9 years to get a temporary green card under the EB-5 visa category, and over 14 years to get a permanent green card under the EB5 visa category, and their money back. The Smart Business Broker team helps Indian investors to get their permanent green cards in about 4 years and their money back in about 5.5 years under the EB-1c visa category, if the investor has owned / operated their business outside the US for at least a year.

Smart Business Broker Inc. Offers Indian EB-5 Visa Investors a Faster, Safer, and Cheaper Alternative to the EB-5 Visa Program

Mumbai, India, July 19, 2019 --( The US government has completed the review of the EB-5 visa modernization rule and has increased the EB5 visa investment amounts to more than double their current cost.

More importantly, the DHS has made important changes in the TEA designation process that essentially guarantee that any new investments will not qualify for the lower investment amount in over 99% of all regional centers, and cause most regional centers to fail, because the regional centers have unfairly used TEA designations across wide geographic areas and gerrymandered the TEA designations in order to ensure that they unfairly qualified for TEA designations.

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The Smart Business Broker, Inc. team can help EB-5 visa Investors to profitably get permanent green cards quickly in a safer, cheaper, and faster manner under the EB-1c category by co-investing with them in reputed franchises with strong track records.

Indian EB-5 investors get temporary green cards after 9 years, and permanent green cards and their money back after 13 years.

Indian EB-1c visa investors who co-invest with Smart Business Brokers can get 3 year renewable L1 visas in 3 months, and permanent green cards in 4 years, and their money back in 5.5 years under the EB-1c category, with ZERO location based restrictions.

Whats more, unlike EB-5 visas, EB-1c visa investments do not need to be at risk, and Smart Business Broker, Inc. gives a written guarantee to co-investors that Smart Business Broker Inc. won't withdraw any equity from the business until after the EB-1c category joint venture investors have been bought out at the end of 5.5 years!

EB-1C investors can earn profits while getting their green cards due to profitability of reputed franchises, while EB5 visa investors pay to get their green cards!

The EB1-C investment amount of USD 460-500,000 per petition + fees of $60,000 are cheaper than EB-5 visa cost of $500,000 + $75000 in fees.

As Permanent Residents, investors, their spouses, and minor children can live, work, study, or do business in the US.

The US is the world’s largest economy, and offers amazing opportunities that are unavailable elsewhere.

US permanent residence offers the following benefits:
Law abiding & safe society
Low interest and income tax rates
Favorable labor laws
Efficient judiciary
Affordable housing
Business friendly environment

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