Sonia Gandhi calls for alliance to defeat BJP in 2019: Why always alliance with party? Why not People?

When I read the article which states "Sonia Gandhi says must restore India to path of democracy and tolerance, calls for alliance to defeat BJP in 2019". I was thinking why all the political parties want to do  alliance with parties not do alliance will people of India, Don't they have guts to do alliance with people? or don't have fear to do so?

Its unfortunate that in India everything is Political party and India public had never realized their power that its them (Indian Voters) who decided who to win and whom should be defeated.

Sonia Gandhi should grow up and think that its the people which decide this not the parties. If Congress feel that BJP is not good for India's growth then let them prove that and get people on their side not the parties. Or does She feels that a corrupted party can always should be with other corrupted party to win success. By this statement I didn't mean that BJP is working for India's progress, All parties members work for their party and Party leaders work for their own or family gains.

Being said that, all the political party members still think that they are serving public, which is 100% false, party members work and support for their Party leaders, Then Party leaders work for their own or family benefit, that can be in terms of money, position or power.

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