South African Start-Up African National Aims to Disrupt Global Premium Goods Market

South African based ecommerce newbie African National plans to disrupt Global Premium Goods Market by encouraging local consumers to put local products first.

Sandton, South Africa, May 09, 2020 --( South African start-up launches innovative business with three simple but mighty objectives:

1. Create a market-place for local entrepreneurs.

2. Create local job opportunity.

3. Get consumers to purchase local goods.

Sounds simple?

“Far from it,” says Co-founder Greshan Sukhu.

Further to this he says: "The African Premium goods market simply doesn’t exist, whereas compared with giants like the US and Europe. We asked ourselves about the journey before we started and knew that it would take time, energy and money to get this going and lots of money," he reiterated with a chuckle.

African National have been seeing steady growth in the Premium Goods market. According to EY, "the Premium market is expected to grow by 7.5% CAGR."

The company believes that whilst it is a mountain to climb to put Africa on the map, it will happen as buying trends are changing. Millennial's trump quality above all and they have actively contributed to the growth of this market.

Greshan says: "I’m sure we can all relate to having some co-workers in our offices making online purchases frequently and some of us are even lucky enough to open the door for the delivery man of the goods when they arrive.

"As that happened, we started seeing more. Now the hunger has fueled towards premium international brands like Balenciaga, Moshino, Balmain and the list continues. Mind you, not only the wealthy are snapping up these items - It’s people in so called middle-class as well. In fact, we seeing people with an income of R10 000 or more per month indulging in this market too."

African National firmly believes that there are great products locally and in some are the quality is a lot better than their overseas competitors. He then goes on to say: "As said earlier we know millennial's trump quality above all, so now it’s only about getting them to turn local."

The company will be launching a series of campaigns over the next few months that will help create a market shift that will allow them to slowly but steadily gain traction in the market.

They encourage all consumers to consider local as a first option when making any purchase.

As COVID-19 is changing our world, they ask that locals should consider investing in our own people and economy first as it will lead to job creation, better local products and will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.

Overall this is a mighty initiative but one that is long overdue for our country and continent.

African National has an exciting approach and encourages all people of Africa to join there movement #IAMAFRICANNATIONAL, which can be found on Facebook.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for developments and other trends and most importantly Subscribe to their newsletter to become part of their community.

Greshan concludes with sincerity and true leadership: "Together only, can we put Africa on the map. Salute, fellow African National."

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