Spanish Model Combines ‘Classic Beauty with a Strong Contemporary Edge’ for Magazine Shoots

Spanish Model Combines 'Classic Beauty with a Strong Contemporary Edge' for Magazine Shoots

Bautista Zorio Munoz is at the apex of the modeling industry

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Online PR News � 29-January-2016 � Bautista Zorio Munoz has become an establishment in the modeling industry and a face of international renown. Munoz has modeled for magazine covers, campaigns, editorials and catalogs, and has positioned himself among the very top models working today.

Hes modeled for the covers of Fantastics and Minus10 Magazine. Hes been showcased in editorial spreads for Caleo Magazine and GQ Mexico. Hes served as a leading model for campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, and Mila&Jojo, and is currently represented by four leading agencies.

Munoz, from Valencia, Spain, is parlaying and expanding his success into a flourishing 2016 as interest in his modeling has skyrocketed to a fever pitch in the industry. But becoming a world-famous model was an achievement that materialized through an initial stroke of fate.

"The profession chose me first," Munoz said. "The chance to work and travel the world at the same time and all the great people I get to know is what I enjoy the most. Getting the work done and leaving the client happy with the result has been the reason I've been working since the first moment I stepped in."

Munoz stands at 6-foot-1. He spellbinds cameras and consumers with his black hair, black eyes, natural tan and robustly sculpted physique.

Recalling his initiation into modeling, he said, "I was 19. I moved to London to learn English and start to work. I started to work for Abercrombie & Fitch. They recruited me in Valencia for Hollister Co., both are the same company, right away. After three months in London, they chose me to represent the brand with more guys during the opening days, sending all of us to the cities they were opening around Europe and Asia."

The Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister store openings Munoz modeled for included stops in Munich, Dublin, Amsterdam, Milan, South Korea, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Not only had Munoz helped launch many international storefronts and his own modeling career, the exposure sparked the interest of TWO Management in Los Angeles, which noticed the Spanish import on Instagram and signed him in August, 2014. Munoz is also currently represented by NEVS (London), Paragon Models (Mexico City) and Francina Models (Spain).

Editorials that have featured Munoz preeminent modeling include such distinguished magazines as Agenda, Adon, Coast, Fantastics, Minus10 and Rocket. He hit the runway at the Vilebrequin Trunk Show in Feb. 2015, in Mexico, an event that exhibited one of the worlds finest mens swimwear labels.

Kenneth Lam, a photographer who has shot for many of the worlds top fashion magazines including Harpers Bazaar UK and GQ India, worked with Munoz on the Caleo Magazine editorial titled Summer Heat. The black and white shoot featured Muoz as a leading model who donned white shorts, shirts and underwear from designers Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and American Apparel.

"Throughout the shoot," Lam said, "Mr. Munoz delivered an impeccable performance that was incredibly raw and exciting. He effortlessly channeled a certain look that was reminiscent of the iconic black and white Calvin Klein ads from the 1990s, combining classic beauty with a strong contemporary edge. I especially loved how easily he switched from a playful, boyish vibe in some photos to a more imposing and serious demeanor in others, a sign of his incredible range of expression and emotion."

Munoz said, "It's a long way until you can tell if someone is successful, but being natural, honest and confident with what you are doing and getting the job done as good as possible makes you work."

While he enjoys the variety of shoots his modeling work provides, Munoz said, "I always prefer when we are shooting in great outdoor locations."

Some of Munoz favorite brands include All Saints, Hugo Boss and Nike. "For every day, I try not to complicate too much and be comfortable with my clothes," he said. "I'd say casual, basic clothes. Now, I think Im more sure about what to wear for every occasion."

Most recently, Munoz has engaged his bewitching looks, poise and presence as a leading model for, a global online fashion and beauty retailer. Modeling for ASOS website and e-commerce, Munoz said, "Its basically a one-stop fashion destination. They are current on all the latest trends and I enjoy modeling the ASOS styles and offerings." offers womenswear, menswear, shoes, accessories and beauty products tailored for the 20-somethings demographic. Publically traded on the London Stock Exchange and with an expansive global reach, ASOS operates websites serving America, the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy and China.

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