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Sports & Health ShopeeMall & LazMall Store, Crazybadman Extends Discounts Indefinitely to Help Combat Surge in Covid-19 Cases

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With Covid-19 surging in most parts of the world for almost two-years, sports-related businesses have been devastated. To help combat the increase in Covid-19 cases and encourage people to lead fitter, healthier, and happier lives indoors, Shopee Mall & Lazada Mall Sports & Health retailer, Crazybadman is extending its discounts on 4 selected products indefinitely.

The four deals include Winner Adult Surgical 3-ply Mask Earloop, BFE 99%, Buy 1, Get 1 Free, $13.88, 50pc/box (Usual: $20). Winner Children Surgical 3-ply Mask Earloop, PFE 95% $8/box, 50pcs (Usual $20) Ninja Melk, low-calorie energy drink specially formulated to give you an e-sports boost, Co-founded by Ryan Higa, YouTuber with over 21 million followers $35 per carton of 12 cans, about $2.90 per can for both Original & Oransicle flavours. (Usual: $49.30) Nutscoco, a healthy, popular, and super delicious South Korean nut-based snack. Now: $22 per box of 10 packs for both Original & Grain flavour (Usual: $30)

"With healthier alternatives like Ninja Melk and Nutscoco, people can have fun in new ways indoors. The deal on Adult and Children Winner Surgical Grade masks will offer breathability and affordability so we can last the long fight Covid-19 is presenting itself to be," Kegan Tan, Director of Crazybadman, LazMall & Shopee Mall sports & health retailer.

Crazybadman's LazMall & ShopeeMall stores are well-established and have an above 90% rating. The local Small Medium Enterprise (SME) only carries HSA certified products and are vetted to be authentic hence the 'Mall' status. They also retail other trusted healthcare brands like Assure Medical, Fresubin, Cosmo Med, GP Care and sports brands like Jed North & BioTechUSA. Founded in 2013, Crazybadman is a 100% vending and online retailer aiming to help people lead healthier, happier, and fitter lives, www.crazybadman.com.

"I'm seeing an increased interest of people buying for their loved ones or friends outside of Singapore. For such requests, it'll be great to buy on our website as we have DHL express integrated there. We're not safe until we're all safe, so let's keep combating Covid-19 together," Kegan Tan, Director of Crazybadman, LazMall & Shopee Mall sports & health retailer.

More information and photos: https://tinyurl.com/combatcovidCBM


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