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SpotCam Launches Cloud Smart AI Baby Monitoring Camera

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SpotCam has just launched the cloud smart AI baby monitoring camera, SpotCam BabyCam, that not only streams and records high-resolution video but also comes with built-in intelligent functions including dangerous zone detection, baby tracking, lullaby, covered face detection, baby crying detection, and automatically make a video diary of your baby.

High image resolution and full-fledged features

SpotCam BabyCam features 1080P FHD high-resolution image with night vision ensuring a clear view both day and night. You can watch on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as web browsers anytime anywhere thanks to its cloud technology. With the built-in baby tracking function, SpotCam BabyCam can pan and tilt automatically while your baby crawls or walks around. SpotCam BabyCam will also send real-time alerts when your baby come close to designated dangerous area in the environment. Furthermore, carefully selected lullabies are built in the camera and can be played manually or automatically by pre-configured schedule to soothe your baby even when you are away.

Free forever 24-hour continuous cloud recording

One of the unique features of SpotCam BabyCam is free forever full-time continuous cloud recording. It records every second of your baby's growth to make sure you never miss any precious moments. You can also easily export and download the videos of your baby and share them with your friends and family in just a few seconds. Besides, SpotCam also offers various optional cloud recording plans up to 30 days for more extended retention needs.

Multiple AI baby care services for subscription

With SpotCam BabyCam, there are also optional cloud AI services aiming to make your baby care job easier. There is video diary function which record every moment of your baby and makes a time-lapse video; and there is covered face and rollover detection to help you watch your baby during sleep; finally, there is baby crying detection which instantly sends you a push notification when baby crying sounds detected.

Price and availability

SpotCam BabyCam MSRP is $99 before tax. It is now available in the market through major retail channels in the US, EU, UK, Japan, and Taiwan.

About SpotCam

SpotCam is one of the leading cloud video solution providers founded in 2013. With years of experience in the video surveillance industry, the team has created a cloud-based video monitoring solution that perfectly meets the needs of home and SMB users.

For further information, visit https://www.myspotcam.com.


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