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State Grid Ningdong Power Supply Company: Yunhai 330 kV Substation to be Commissioned Soon

YINCHUAN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On June 19, State Grid Ningdong Power Supply Company began the "first inspection and release" process at the Yunhai 330 kV Substation, marking the project's entry into its final phase of inspections and defect rectification. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of June. Upon completion, this substation will serve as a significant asset for enhancing renewable energy integration in the Ningdong region. It will optimize the local grid structure, increase the main grid’s power supply capacity and operational safety, and effectively enhance the renewable energy absorption capacity of the surrounding areas. This initiative will support the development of Ningdong Green Park, the "Desert Green Power" brand of Ningxia, and Ningxia’s low-carbon green development.

In response to the rapid growth in energy demand at the Ningdong Energy Chemical Base and to enhance the power supply capability in the western part of Ningdong, construction of the Yunhai 330 kV Substation began in April 2023, with a target operational date set for June 2024. To ensure the substation's timely commissioning, the State Grid Ningdong Power Supply Company, together with the contracting entity, Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Company, has innovated construction methods throughout the project. They have extensively utilized factory-made prefabricated components, which not only reduced the need for manpower but also minimized construction risks and improved the technical level and quality of the substation's construction. This approach has shortened the construction timeline and reduced environmental pollution caused by concrete use. Moving forward, the company is committed to aggressively advancing the construction project to ensure reliable power supply and grid security in the region and to contribute to the establishment of a new energy-dominated modern power system.


Guo Chenchen

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