How to Stay Cool in the Summer

Stay Cool in the SummerFew Things to do to during this period to beat the heat.

• Intake three to four litres of water in a day, must and should. Make the kids sip water in regular intervals.

• Reduce the intake of non-vegetarian and oily food and refrigerated water as this will generate more heat in the body. Instead of refrigerated water you can drink mud pot water.

• Make sure your family especially the kids drink / eat more of lemon juice, watermelon, tender coconut, cucumber, Cumin seed water, buttermilk.

• When you feel weak mix 50ml ginger juice and 50ml lemon juice, added with two spoons of water with honey. This will boost the energy levels.

• Don’t drink more of Bottled packaged waters as it may affect the functioning of the kidney.

• Oil baths twice a week is a must. Use Castor oil weekly once. Apply generously to the scalp, Stomach navel, private parts, and eyes. This will reduce the heat. Applying Castrol to navel will reduce the stomach pain caused due to heat in kids.

• Intake fenugreek water on a daily basis as it would increase the body's ability to bear heat. (15-20 fenugreek seeds should be put in a glass of water at night and then consume the water in the morning empty stomach).

• Wear light cotton clothings.

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