Story Time

#Story Time: Trust Him, have faith in Him, our GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US, throughout our journey.

Every year a young Krishna's Parents took him to his Grandmother's house for the summer break, and they would return home on the same train after two weeks.

Then one day Krishna tells his Parents :
?? I'm grown up now,
What if I go to Grandma's house alone this year ???"

After a brief discussion parents agree.

Here they are standing on the train station wharf, greeting him, giving him one last tip through the window, as Krishna continues to repeat :

?? I know, you've already told me so many times...!"

Train is about to leave and father whispers :

??My son, if you suddenly feel bad or scared, this is for you!...... ?

And he slips something into his pocket.

Now the boy is all alone, sitting on the train, without his parents, for the first time...

He looks at the scenery through the window that scrolls..

Around him strangers hustle, make noise, enter and exit the compartment, he gets that feeling that he is alone..

A person even gives him a sad look...

So this boy is feeling more uncomfortable.
And now he starts getting scared. His stomach starts hurting and heart starts to pump a little faster as if trying to match the speed of the train.

He lowers his head, snuggles in a corner of the seat, tears rise to his eyes.

At that point he remembers his father putting something in his pocket.

With a trembling hand he seeks to grop this piece of paper, he opens it :

Son, don't worry, I am in the next compartment...

A smile ray of confidence amd an unimagined wave of hope rises in his face and with his head lifted high broad smile he is super comfortable amidst strangers.


This is how, it is in life...

When God sent us in this world, all by ourselves,

HE has also slipped a note in our pocket,


So just don't panic,
don't be depressed,
it will only affect your physical & mental health.

In these uncertain times where the world is fighting to survive there is someone in the other compartment for u and u could be in a compartment that someone is banking on.

Trust Him, have faith in Him, our GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US, throughout our journey.

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