Study Confirms ‘Ideal’ Ratio for Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation

Study Confirms 'Ideal' Ratio for Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation specialists in Denver at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, who focus on natural-looking results at their practice, use ratio with patients.

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Online PR News – 24-July-2016 – Plastic surgeons at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery (, who specialize in breast augmentation at their Denver and Golden, Colorado practices, say a newly published study identifies a surgical planning principle that leads to consistently "ideal" breast enhancement results.

"The careful planning we do leads to breast augmentation results that look natural and proportional for our patients," says Dr. Andrew Wolfe, who established the plastic surgery practice that serves patients from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. "This study's authors found that what we're already doing is really the best path to natural-looking results, both from an aesthetic standpoint and in terms of longevity and patient safety."

The study, published in the June issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, concluded that following the "ICE Principle" (i.e., implant dimensions, capacity of the breast, and excess tissue required) consistently led to an upper-to-lower pole ratio of 45:55 -- a ratio that other studies have found to be the most natural and attractive shape of the breast.

"Most of the women who come to our practice for breast augmentation enjoy the active lifestyle common in Colorado, and they want implants that create a natural and proportional appearance," Dr. Steven Vath says. "That natural appearance, as defined by this and other studies, is one in which most of the breast volume is in the lower pole. That's significantly different than what was popular about 10 to 15 years ago."

The study defined natural breast augmentation as "seek[ing] to enhance shape without distorting it by adhering to the principles of tissue-based planning and focusing on aesthetic outcome."

Surgeons at the practice offer breast implants made by each of the 3 U.S. companies that manufacture FDA-approved implants. They also have a selection of implants that patients can take home to try with a sizing bra before making a decision about their procedure, Dr. Wolfe says. Additionally, both practice locations offer patients the ability to see a virtual preview of their results using the VECTRA 3-D imaging system.

"Planning is the key to getting successful breast augmentation results that consistently exceed our patients' expectations," says Dr. Paul Steinwald, who joined the 2 other plastic surgeons at the Denver practice in 2014. "We pride ourselves on proper planning, good communication between surgeon and patient, and the experience and technical skill that all 3 of us bring to the operating room."


Dr. Steven Vath, Dr. Andrew Wolfe, and Dr. Paul Steinwald ( are board-certified plastic surgeons who offer a full range of cosmetic procedures for the face and body at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. They have 2 conveniently located offices, one in Denver and one in Golden, Colorado. They are also the medical directors of Rejuvenate, a full-service medical spa. Dr. Vath earned his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, followed by a general surgery residency at George Washington University. He received his plastic and reconstructive surgery training at Louisiana State University Medical Center and Charity Hospital. Dr. Wolfe earned his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School, followed by advanced training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Georgetown University Medical Center. Dr. Steinwald earned his medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine and completed advanced general and plastic surgery training at George Washington Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco.

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