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Sundae Kids, the Popular Illustrator Couple From Thailand With 550,000 Fans Worldwide, Are Trying Their Hand at a Line of Sixteen Clothing and Accessory Items That Focus on a Gender Equality Concept

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Gender_equality--On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Sundae Kids, the popular illustrator couple from Thailand with 550,000 fans worldwide, sold a line of sixteen clothing and accessory items at a pop-up online shopping space called OPEN/END. The line included eight different t-shirts as well as tote bags and water bottles. (URL: https://open-end.tokyo/)

The concept behind the product line was Gender Equality, with all items designed from a unisex perspective with unbiased inclusiveness for everyone. The focus was also on a streetwear look that both men and women could easily wear.

Sundae Kids

Sundae Kids are a couple based in Bangkok, Thailand. Kavin serves as the pair’s art director, and Pratchaya its illustrator. The work is produced in a wide range of media, including illustrations, comics, graphic novels, and animations. Their work takes inspiration from their daily lives and the things that happen around them. Many of their clients have a global reach.

Some Words from Sundae Kids

The theme for this collection was gender equality. We wanted to use the designs to show ways to be authentic to your true self, as well as how good it feels to be authentic. Knowing how the OPEN/END brand is for people of all genders, we’ve worked many times on sketches that combine our own gender expression, and created designs that we would both want to wear.

The OPEN/END name implies a limitless freedom, and we thought that was a perfect term for the young people within the brand target. This is a brand for a new generation, and even within that generational construct we believe that there are a lot of people, regardless of age, who share the same way of thinking.

Compared to the style and subject matter of the illustrations we normally do, this project offered a totally new opportunity for us. We regularly draw comics about the love shared between women and men, but this opportunity allowed us to broaden our scope to a more diverse reach, and the designs are envisioned to suit anyone of any gender. People have a right to their own self-expression and authenticity, regardless of race, skin color, or gender, and we also believe that those differences should be accepted and celebrated.

Solo shows include Kid Within, Bangkok, 2016, and This is for you, Bangkok, 2019.

On Instagram: @sundaekids.

An overview of the OPEN/END brand name and concept

As a term, OPEN/END means limitless and free.

The name reflects the freedom individuals have to be unique and to pursue their own interests, without the need to be trapped within the bounds of race or sexuality. The naming conceptualizes the fact that we are perfect just as we are.

We look forward to contributing to a future where a new generation can not only respect the growing diversity in gender and thought but also have fun with how the lines between genders and different ways of thinking are blurring.

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