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“Super NMN” Officially Launched Under The Investment Of You Quanbing and His Team

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pengmen International recently announced that the "Super NMN" anti-aging product, led by You Quanbing and his team, will soon be officially launched on the market.

As the population ages with each passing day, the number of senior citizens above 60 in China will reach 300 million in 2019, accounting for nearly 20% of the total population. And in a dozen years, China's elderly population will occupy 23% of the total population. In some countries, the aging of the population has been lasting for a long time. In Japan, the population aged 60 or above has accounted for 33% of the total population, in Italy, 29%, and in Portugal, Bulgaria and Finland accounted for 28% respectively. All of them are among the countries with the most severe population aging problem in the world. As a result, there emerged a growing number of scientific laboratories aiming to prolong life, combat aging and enable today's elderly to live as active a life as their younger counterparts.

In 2013, a research team from a leading US university found a substance called “?-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)”, which claimed can effectively extend the life span of mice. And the food products containing NMN are selling well on both domestic and overseas, and have repeatedly been endorsed by giant companies.

Elysium Health, which also specializes in anti-aging drugs, even recruited eight Nobel laureates to its advisory board. However, the cost of this method is huge. The quotation of German pharmaceutical giant Merck is more than 20,000 yuan per gram. According to the minimum effective dose, the annual cost of each person is more than 1.5 million yuan, so it is not suitable for the general public.

You Quanbing, deputy-secretary general of the US Fuse Digital Asset Foundation and a leading researcher on human health, noticed the phenomenon. Over the years, he has been focusing on the development and research in the field of international health. Imbued with the enthusiasm and pursuit of health, You Quanbing began his exploration of the anti-aging road to aim at making health care more accessible to everyone.

You Quanbing has been devoted to research for many years. Finally, at the end of 2020, he discovered the patent "Nutritional Drug Combination for Activating Silencing Regulator Proteins with Anti-aging/Reversing Aging Effect" from Switzerland published in August 2020. This patent has multiple applications of ?-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) whose effect is better than the already known products of the same category on the market. Through constant communication and exchanges, a product called “Super NMN” was officially launched on the market under the investment of You Quanbing and his team.

Compared with similar products in the market, “Super NMN” is different from general NMN products in terms of product technologies. Targeted at human immune genes, “Super NMN” adopts a compound formula with an absorption rate of up to 98%. It can refill the human body with NAD+ factors at lightning speed to repair the damaged cell genes and activate the immune system. From the aspect of product safety, “Super NMN”, whose ingredient content is strictly in accordance with the label, has obtained the United States FDA certification and GMP certification. By following the label, its products are safer and healthier.

Li Rui, the domestic health industry senior observer, told the reporters: "With the improvement of people's health awareness throughout the country, NMN and other health products that can improve human immunity have gradually become a hot topic of the public.” The sensational news was sent from abroad to domestic, such as NMN can cure COVID-related severe diseases; NMN’s flash-boosting immunity function has been verified in Australia, NMN can restrain nerve diseases and so on, which instantly triggered a tense concern from domestic consumption groups. At the same time, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China infection epidemiology Li Lanjuan and Zhang Hongwen all showed that the immune system is the most powerful weapon against COVID-19. Besides, global experts also recommended that supplementary NMN can improve human immunity, pushing NMN again to the altar.

Through years of professional knowledge and practice in the field of health, You Quanbing has kept his finger on the pulse of the health field, and the advent of “Super NMN” has also attracted widespread attention in the international community. “Investing in health and human health is the cause I will never regret in my life!”


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