Supervisor Academy Now Offers Supervisor Standard Work Training

Supervisor Academy is a company that is dedicated to training front line supervisors so that they are better able to manage their teams, processes, and workflows. Very often, managers are called upon to deal with situations that can and should be handled by the supervisors and their teams. This affects the overall efficiency and profitability of the business.

Portsmouth, United Kingdom, November 10, 2019 --( Supervisor Academy is dedicated to the training of supervisors so that they can better manage their teams, processes, and workflows. As the company says, all too often managers are called upon to �put out fires and solve problems that should be handled independently by the supervisors and their teams.� This has the effect of distracting managers from their own priorities and in turn affects the overall efficiency and, at the end of the day, profitability of the business.

What Leaders do or don�t do has a tremendous effect on the way a business operates. Their valuable effort must be directed at what matters most. Often, to get the best results, they need to build new skills in leading and problem solving and find time every day to apply these skills to improve operating results. With multiple demands and distractions imposed by daily operations, it can be hard to make time for the important, rather than urgent, tasks. Leader Standard Work helps leaders optimise their own work and ring-fence time for those tasks that drive the business forward.

To this end, the company is now offering a programme called Supervisor Standard Work which, over five two-hour classroom sessions, develops practical leadership competencies of supervisors and their managers. Participants will take part in leadership development training sessions with lectures and practical interactive exercises which are designed to encourage critical reflection, discussion, and experimentation. During the training week, the participants will develop, test, and refine their standard work in their own department under the watchful eye of the experienced coach. They will become effective at daily production management and problem solving.

Supervisor Standard Work ensures that all of the front line leadership functions are carried out effectively and completely, which results in better operating performance, improved processes and motivated employees. The training teaches front line supervisors how to prioritise their daily management tasks and align leaders to stabilise processes. Supervisors are given a pocket-card which shows a practical four-step problem-solving method which will enable rapid skills development and permanent culture change.

Participants in the Supervisor Standard Work course will be able to improve their time management, because they will know what to focus on and in what order without forgetting any critical activities. They will also improve production results by improving and stabilising processes and develop their team�s abilities, developing standard work instructions for critical functions and developing skills in practical production problem solving, including containment and countermeasures.

The training will ensure that activities required to manage production are carried out appropriately and reliably, and that the capabilities that are developed get locked in and thus produce a rapid return on investment.

About The Company:
Supervisor Academy is a leading provider of supervisor training and leadership development training that ensures that supervisors develop the skills needed to lead their teams more effectively. For further information call 07714 794807 or email [email protected].

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