Support for Social Impact Organizations Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis; GlobalOwls Offers Their Services Temporarily for Free

Support for Social Impact organizations to cope with decrease in physical donations. GlobalOwls helps to get more donations online.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 17, 2020 --( Not only businesses are hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, but charities are also affected. Donations are decreasing sharply for many.

Many charities are largely dependent on physical collections and are not designed to receive donations 100% online. This is a major problem if collections can no longer continue, door-to-door promotions are suspended and events are canceled.

To ensure that charities can continue to receive donations online, GlobalOwls makes her media strength available to organizations that need it most, free of charge.

“We believe that, together, we can make an impact,” says GlobalOwls’s CEO and Founder Raul Tiru. He continues saying, “All around us, we see people and organizations stepping up and helping however they can. Offering our media power for free was a real no brainer when we saw how large the need was.”

GlobalOwls reaches more than one million people, who want to do good, every month by telling stories about the organizations they partner with. They have invested in the past two years in building a “marketing machine” to help charities reach a larger audience and inspire positive action.

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