Surviving Quarantine with Different Apps

It can be pretty challenging to keep in touch with your friends and family amidst the lockdown. However it is our responsibility to stay home in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus outbreak. Time and again the Government is taking initiatives in an effort to fight the COVID-19. Staying indoors is an opportunity to explore different things and learn new skills as well. In this article, we will discuss how you can use different apps to be productive and also keep in touch with your loved ones.

Video calling apps – Due to many technological breakthroughs we have many apps handy that can connect us with anyone around the globe. The evolution of different video conferencing apps has brought people virtually closer to each other. During this lockdown, you can check on your loved ones and reconnect with them.

There are many free video conferencing apps available for both your Android and iOS devices. The popular ones are Zoom, JioMeet, Google Duo, Skype, etc. Get any one of these to interact with anyone face to face within a few clicks.

Home workout apps – If you are not the lazy kind and are looking for ways to stay fit at home you can start your own workout at home routine. Now that you are prohibited from going to gyms you don’t have the luxury of gym equipment and your personal trainer. You can follow online videos by your favorite guide and set up a routine. You can download different apps like Fittr, Nike training club, Yoga studio, Asana Rebel, etc. to flex your muscles during the quarantine.

Multiplayer game – Now that you can’t meet your friends regularly you can still spend time with them virtually. If you had enough of the work from the home thing you can play a few games with your friends to tackle the stress. While you are doing a little of everything you can take some time to be competitive with your friends. The availability of multiplayer games is an opportunity to challenge your friends in different games like PUBG, Pro Evolution Soccer, Ludo King, Uno, QuizUp, etc.

Virtual movie nights – You can watch movies and TV shows with your friends or family who are far away due to the lockdown. There are browser extensions available that let you watch movies with your friends and can chat simultaneously. You can cast the apps on a bigger screen for better watching experience as well.

You can synchronize your Netflix app using Netflix party browser extension to watch popular content remotely with your friends. Other alternatives for Netflix Party are Rave, Metastream, Watch Party, Gaze, etc. This is how you can enjoy movies with your friends from a safe distance.

Treat this quarantine as a blessing in disguise and stay connected to your loved ones by all means. Don’t be fixated on productivity instead try enjoying these times while learning new things and maintaining social distancing. Stay indoors and stay safe also let us know about your experiences after using the above apps that helped you to keep productive and entertained.

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