Sustainable Lifestyle Brand Lexngo, Launches ASEAN Operations In Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 26 June
2019 - Lexngo, the leading sustainable lifestyle brand that designs and
develops environmentally friendly products, has officially set up its office in
Singapore to expand their business in ASEAN region. The company, which was
originally started in Hong Kong, has also launched the world's first resealable
silicon alternative to one-off plastic straws -- the e-Zip. 

Designed for people on the
go, the e-Zip, which comes in a variety of solid and translucent colours, is
the first of its kind in the market. It does not only serve as an alternative
to single-use plastic straws, but also features a patented tongue and groove
connector which allows for easy cleaning, without the need of a cleaning brush.
Besides the resealable and reusable properties, it is the most hygienic option
available today. The e-Zip is made from the finest food grade silicone that
complies with the EU food contact regulations for BPA and plastic-free sipping.
It is also fully customizable and can be made with a specific pantone or single-colour

on the launch of Lexngo's e-Zip, Carlotta Wong, chairman and co-founder of
Lexington Limited
said "Lexngo aims to provide a complete solution for
reusable products in the market. The e-Zip is not only economical, it also increases
the operational efficiency and resource utilisation, for consumers and
businesses, especially F&B outlets. We believe this small but powerful tool
can help us stay in the forefront of a very pressing global issue -- the
increase of plastic waste."

  • Non-toxic:
    Made from 100% food grade silicone,
    0% plastic and BPA free
  • Durable: Leakproof, non-stick, waterproof, hypoallergenic
  • Travel
    Flexible and space saving
    storage with its bendy-form
  • Multiple
    range of uses:
    be used in oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher (heat resistant up
    to +220
    °C and freezer safe to -40°C)
  • Economical: Reusable
  • Easy to wash: Can be unzipped for easy and thorough cleaning

Commenting on how the e-Zip differs from
other alternative single-use plastic straws available today, Carlotta
explained, "As a user of eco-friendly straws in the past, I faced a problem
that I'm sure many others would have come across -- the tedious process of cleaning
it! While there are tools and brushes to clean the inside of these straws, we
felt that it was not meaningful to have one additional tool to carry around.
After months of research and product development, the e-Zip was finally born. We
hope to continue to develop other innovative and sustainable solutions that our
customers will find useful and at the same time contribute to the protection of
our planet."

Following the company's commitment to promote sustainable living, the
launch marks the first of many eco-friendly lifestyle products, which will be made
available in the Singapore market. Lexngo hopes to inspire more businesses and
consumers to be more conscious of the current environmental issues including
the growing plastic problem.

Singapore alone is battling a growing plastic
problem -- an estimate of 1.76 billion plastic items is used every year, with
2.2 million of that attributed to discarded plastic straws daily. The National
Environment Agency's (NEA) latest campaign "Say YES to Waste Less" launched on
Jun 8 aim
ed to get people to cut down on waste, by bringing their own reusable bags,
bottles and takeaway containers. Ongoing efforts by non-governmental
organisations have succeeded in raising awareness of Singapore's growing
plastic problem and encouraging consumers to adopt sustainable alternatives. As
individuals begin to consume more consciously,
Lexngo's entry and the launch of the
e-Zip, echoes the emerging trend toward a more sustainable society with the
introduction of their eco-conscious lifestyle products.

Lexngo is a pioneer in the design
of breakthrough eco-friendly lifestyle products under the umbrella of brands by
Lexington Limited
-- a global leader in sustainability
issues concerning plastics since it was founded in 1989. Over the years, it has
established a global presence across 24 countries. Equipped with a series of technology
patents, Lexngo has piloted other lifestyle products to reduce single-use
plastic waste. Some of these innovations include
Silicone Collapsible
FlexiBox, Snack Box, Meal Box in various sizes
and also Silicon Reusable Bags for groceries, travel,
sportswear and accessories.

In the near future,
Lexngo aims to deploy their industrial 4.0 technology to optimize production
efficiency while continuing
their multi-faceted eco-product lines to cater to
different market needs.

Headquartered in Hong Kong,
Lexngo's products are available in retail and departmental stores as well as at
its official online store and selected e-commerce platforms
Most recently, the company also launched their very own vending machines in
Hong Kong. Since 2012, Lexngo has received several awards including the 'Hong
Kong Emerging Brand' in 2013 and 2017. The company was also the recipient of
the 'Sustainable Product Supplier' award by the Business Environment Council of
Hong Kong.

For more information
about Lexngo, visit or

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Lexington Limited was founded in 1989. Their
house brand Lexngo is a pioneer in manufacturing and design of breakthrough
eco-friendly lifestyle products. With exquisite and stylish product designs
that cater to ever evolving market needs, Lexngo develops range of durable,
eco-friendly and daily essentials and lifestyle products with its "on the go"
themes. Lexngo's wide range of products include drinking straws, grocery and
storage bags, collapsible lunch boxes with cutleries which are mainly made from
silicone. There are another two product lines under Lexngo to suit the needs of
different consumer markets -- Lexliving, which targets the household, kitchen
and stylish lifestyle market while Lexnfant targets the market of daily
necessities for babies, toddlers and children. Lexngo operates their B2C and
B2B business simultaneously, with sales channels covering online and offline
flagship stores, department stores and specialty shops across more than 24
countries in Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania.

Lexngo's headquarter and warehouses
are located in Hong Kong. With strict quality control and one-stop production
procedures, Lexngo has the competitive advantage to guarantee not only product
quality and safety, but also value for money. For more information, visit

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