SWOZI Introduces Pioneering Robotic Solution for Sports Field Marking

SWOZI announced an autonomous GPS addition to their flagship product SWOZI cart pro. With a maximum speed of 7km/h, the automatic cart marks sports turf with 100% accuracy via GPS. While decreasing the need for manual operation, it can save up to 75% of the time to position and layout sports fields. Customers have access to over 100 sports field templates, which enable them to perform marking for virtually any desired sport with consistent accuracy.

Diepoldsau, Switzerland, June 01, 2019 --( “Our goal was to increase further the flexibility and usability of the SWOZI line marking system. The SWOZI cart pro is by far the most adaptable solution in the market. It meets the highest industry demands with a focus on operational simplicity,” says Mario Hutter, founder and CEO of SWOZI.

The automatic marking option “auto” is the latest addition to the SWOZI line marking range. It provides 100% accuracy supported by GPS and is the only robotic solution which can be used in manual operation mode as well. “In some places, satellite reception can be challenging. In this case, customers can select the manual mode and carry out their marking without any difficulties or loss of accuracy,” says Hutter. “This way, our cart can be used everywhere and at all times without any restrictions.”

The SWOZI marking system is based on a single, highly versatile cart -the SWOZI cart pro. Unlike conventional line markers, the SWOZI cart pro has three wheels and is made of a lightweight aluminium frame without any plastic parts. It is extremely rugged while promoting simplified usability. By utilising GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, line marking is carried out more effortless, quicker and to perfection -no matter what size or type of sports field. SWOZI offers three different cart variants:

-SWOZI cart pro – push The unit is pushed and equipped with a GPS controlled spray arm to ensure straight lines.
-SWOZI cart pro – ride-on For large sports facilities, a ride-on unit can be docked to the cart. It allows an uninterrupted workflow to mark multiple fields without the need to re-charge batteries.
-SWOZI cart pro – auto The autonomous GPS solution for automatic line marking with a max. speed of 7km/h.

SWOZI AG is a sports technology company and leader in robotics and machine automation. Their advanced solutions are based on cutting-edge GPS and robotic technology that simplify workflows and enhance productivity for sports turf professionals, while meeting sporting codes with pinpoint accuracy.

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