T. Nicole Designs Bracelets Included in Celebrity and Talent Gift Bags at 27th Annual Trumpet Awards

T. Nicole Designs Bracelets Included in Celebrity and Talent Gift Bags at 27th Annual Trumpet Awards

Celebrity and Talent Gift Bags for 27th Annual Trumpet Awards to Include T. Nicole Designs Black Onyx Bracelets

Online PR News � 12-February-2019 � Houston, Texas based T. Nicole Designs ( is pleased to announce a selection of specially designed Black Onyx Bracelets will be included in Celebrity & Talent Gift Bags for the 27th Annual Trumpet Awards, filmed January 18, 2019 and airing February 17, 2019 on Bounce TV.

Brand founder and designer Tanesha Nicole previously partnered with Bounce TV for the 26th Annual Trumpet Awards, which aired January 20, 2018. This years gifted bracelets are the fulfillment of the networks request for her to create a series of bracelet designs incorporating Black Onyx, to represent the shows theme of empowerment and Black excellence.

Each bracelet incorporates Black Onyx beads, a lion head focal, and meaningful charms, such as the crescent moon. The result is a unique and distinctive adornment that can easily be dressed up or down. Black onyx exudes confidence and since ancient times has been believed to give the wearer the power to survive.

The bracelets are part of the T. Nicole Designs Fidelis Collection. "This Collection came from a personal place, serving as a physical representation of how fierce and determined I can be," said Tanesha in a recent interview. "Some days we have the inner saboteur that tells us that we are weak, that we arent good enough. Looking down and seeing a roaring lion head helps to banish negative thoughts and reminds us how determined and strong we all really are."

Tanesha says her clients appreciate that if they are at an event and in a room of 500 other people, the likelihood of seeing someone else with their same jewelry is slim. "My stone choices are what set my designs apart. I love that no single stone is exactly the same as another. Each has nuances that make it individual, just like the wearer."

The Fidelis Collection can be found here.

T. Nicole Designs was founded in 2012. The brands jewelry was recently worn by singer/songwriter Votte Hall on the 2019 Grammy's Red Carpet. It has also been worn by character Dro (played by Sarunus J. Jackson) on season 2 of HBOs Insecure. Mr. Talkbox, who has won eight Grammys for his work on Bruno Mars 24 Karat and Kendrick Lamars Loyalty, wore T. Nicole Designs bracelets during the 2018 Trumpet Awards telecast and in subsequent videos, which have received over 3.3 million views.

T. Nicole Designs is available at Contact Tanesha Nicole by email using the contact button at the top right of this news release. Follow T. Nicole Designs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (@TNicoleDesigns).

It all started as a way to keep her mind off of being sick. Tanesha was severely ill, recently released from the hospital, and basically relegated to bed rest for several months. Her family said she needed a hobby; something to distract from the day-to-day drama and that would bring her a sense of control in a world that was in utter chaos. So she began with something she has always loved, gemstones. She could and still does spend hours fawning over gems and get overly giddy when going into the gem and mineral section at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. She made things just for herself, for her mom and sister and to her great surprise people began to ask her about what she was wearing and if she could make something for them.

And so, T. Nicole Designs ( was born, like many gemstones, from the extreme pressures of life and formed in seemingly dark and lonely place. But after all that, what was meant as a distraction has emerged from the depths of despair to be something beautiful and beyond her wildest dreams.

T. Nicole Designs works with clients to create that perfect piece that is so personally you, or clients may pick one of the brands unique designs and make a twist on it to fit individual style and taste.


�This Collection is a physical representation of fierceness and determination.�

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