Taishin Financial Holding Conferred Asia’s Most Prominent CSR Awards under Investment in People Category

OutReach - 10 June 2019 -
A total
of 64 projects and business leaders across 16 countries in Asia were selected
as recipients of Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2019, an increase of
19% from last year. Regarded as the top corporate social responsibility awards
in Asia, this year's ceremony was organized in Taipei, after being held in Macau,
Singapore, Bangkok, and Manila previously.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading
non-governmental organization for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREA
aims to recognize and honor Asian businesses and leaders for championing
sustainable and socially responsible business practices. The award categories
are social empowerment, investment in people, health promotion, green
leadership, corporate governance, and responsible business leadership. Some of
the dignitaries who graced the event include Mr. Chang San-cheng, former
premier of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mr. Hou Yu-Ih, mayor of New
Taipei City.


Leading the list of winners under the investment in
people category was Taishin Financial Holding Co., Ltd. with their project "Dual
Mentoring Program".


Founded in 2002, Taishin owns 12 subsidiaries running bank, securities, investment trust, investment advisory and other businesses.
With their branding position as "Your Smart Partner", the Company holds the
believes of "Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Collaboration" to fulfil
customers' need and to be a leader in Taiwan's financial industry.


The Company is dedicated to building an environment which
they can develop with their employees. They invested abundant resources to hold
regular engagement surveys, capture how their employees think about the
Company, identify key factors that retain their employees, and set action plans
towards important issues.


From 2018, Taishin cooperated with internationally
renowned consulting firm to introduce the Pulse Survey System, which allows
them to create diverse surveys and research on different demographic groups,
instantly hearing their voice and shortening their response time to launch
action plans. To collect the real opinions, the Company launched focus-group
interviews or face-to-face interviews at all branches irregularly. They
constantly hear and seek improvement, based on the different touch points of
employees' career stages, integrating their experience and KPI, proving that
employees are their most important asset.


Based on the organization's development and the
professional needs of different fields, Taishin follows a pyramid structure to
develop talents and expand the pool of key talents and mid-high level
managerial talents. For employees of different functions, the Company
differentiate their management methods. For example, for the newly-hired
financial advisors, they encourage them to pair as mentor and apprentice by
themselves. The teaching and learning interaction between them boosts their
growth, which in turn, enhance their competitiveness. Meanwhile, Taishin has a
less limited rotation system which allows employees to develop horizontally.
The Company actively builds career paths for each of their employees, creating
profound and productive influences.


The "Dual Mentoring Program", proved effective as it
resulted in higher performances, engagement and promotion speed, as well as a
lower turnover rate.

For the mid-term goal, the mentor and apprentice team
interaction created a win-win culture, maintaining a constant growth of
performance. Besides, the mentors learn managerial skills, ensuring the
Company's long-term talent development. For the long-term objective, the systematic
structure of the program not only creates a positive cycle but also enhances


In the future, Taishin plans to apply this successful
model to new-hires and junior employees in other functions and departments.
Meanwhile, the Company actively strengthens the relationship with campuses and
younger communities. Through industry-university cooperation, substitute
military service and R&D substitute
(a form of Taiwanese alternative civilian service), and "Dual Mentoring Program",
Taishin encourages students, their potential employees, to gain successful
in advance. They not only help them become more employable upon graduation but
also makes them more experienced, familiarize themselves with the Company's
culture, and equip professional skills before the official employment, the
know-how helps them grow faster after on boarding.

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