Taiwan Power Company Conferred Asia’s Most Prominent CSR Awards under Investment in People Category

OutReach - 11 June 2019 - A total of 64 projects and business
leaders across 16 countries in Asia were selected as recipients of Asia
Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2019, an increase of 19% from last year. Regarded
as the top corporate social responsibility awards in Asia, this year's ceremony
was organized in Taipei, after being held in Macau, Singapore, Bangkok, and
Manila previously.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization
for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREA aims to recognize and honor
Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and socially
responsible business practices. The award categories are
empowerment, investment in people, health promotion, green leadership,
corporate governance, and responsible business leadership. Some of the
dignitaries who graced the event include Mr. Chang San-cheng, former premier of
the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mr. Hou Yu-Ih, mayor of New Taipei City.

Leading the list of
winners under the investment in people category was Taiwan Power Company (Taipower)
with their project "Building the Soft and Hard Capacity for Professionals in
the Power Industry".

Established in 1946,
Taipower is an integrated, electric utility company with businesses in power
generation, transmission, distribution and services. As of 2018, the Taipower
system had a total installed capacity of 44.51 GW. Its primary energy sources
include thermal power, hydro power and other forms of renewable energy.

Throughout its history,
Taipower has relied on its professional workforce to maintain a high-quality,
reliable power supply. Internally, the Company is grappling with a retirement
peak, and the related challenge of transferring skills and knowledge from older
employees to the next generation. These factors have necessitated the
development of an innovative talent training program that fosters the safe and
effective development of new employees.

The program is designed
around the goals of active recruitment through multiple channels in order to
stabilize the talent pool; the cultivation of core competencies and the
development of lean power talents; the acceleration of cultivation and
promotion of outstanding employees, the construction of a platform to
strengthen the adaptability of employee; the introduction of learning
technologies that improve the effectiveness of training; and the recognition of
core human resources and the application of multiple training methods to meet
learning needs.


and Strategy

Taipower's innovative
talent cultivation program has three core components, namely a comprehensive
training system and policy, the integration of emerging technologies and the
cultivation of a caring, employee-centered environment.

The Company strives to
use emerging technologies and methodologies in all stages of its training
system. The introduction of new technologies is to improve employee
effectiveness and safety. Recent initiatives included the introduction of
e-books on i-Tunes U, a real-time response system, and a micro-learning video
platform. Taipower is working to fully integrate Virtual Reality models to
enhance training in unsafe environments.

To help employees
relieve stress and to achieve a healthy work-life balance, Taipower initiated
its Heart-to-Heart program. For more than 30 years, the program has provided an
employee assistance system and worked to create a supportive environment that
cares for the mental health needs of employees.

and Impact

As a public utility,
and a major employer, Taipower plays a significant role in establishing
employment standards and benchmarks in Taiwan. It has consistently sought to
cultivate talent and create opportunities for young employees. The Company was
recently honored to be ranked 13th on a list of employers preferred
by those entering the workforce in the 2018 Cheers (magazine) annual survey.

The quality of the
Company's training centers was also acknowledged when their training system
passed the Talent Quality-Management System Assessment and acquired the
"Excellent Enterprise Vocational Training Institute" designation from the
Ministry of Labour. In confirmation of this recognition, Taipower has
consistently encouraged its employees to pursue related licenses and
certificates. In 2018, the Company's training system facilitated the achievement
of 4,252 certificates and obtained more than 70,000 certificates by its


Strengthening human
resource management is an endless journey for every company that is seeking to
achieve sustainable development. As a company in the midst of an energy
transition, Taipower is particularly aware of the need to foster young talents
in renewable energies and their related systems. Hence, the Company has placed
a particular focus on developing young professionals to meet its future human
resource demands.

In the coming years,
Taipower will continue to introduce new technologies for training, and to
integrate data from its training courses to improve their effectiveness. The
Company will also work towards the use of a big data system to create
connections between employees, company needs and training requirements.
Moreover, in addition to cultivating the professional abilities of its staff,
the Company will continue to use multiple channels to meet the needs of its
employee and to construct a healthy, productive and sustainable workplace for

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