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Take my salary, give me all my taxes

Take my salaryDear Government,

Take my salary, give me all my taxes

Dear Mr Arun Jaitly FM, This budget has proved that it is anti Middle Class. The poor are taken care of by freebies and no taxes and the rich don’t care about taxes as they earn huge salaries. We the middle class is suffering, we pay all your VAT, Cess, ST everything. Whatever little we do to make our struggle easy such as movies, hotels, small cars, electricity you all FMs tax them every year. We are sick of paying professional, education, Swach Bharath, Service TAX and VAT. Please listen to us.

Don’t test our patience. Out of Rs.100 earned we only get benefit of Rs.20-30 rest goes in taxes. See Example below.

A family of four on weekend for food at restaurant.

Petrol: 5 Ltr X Rs56.60= Rs. 283.
Tax collected on Rs 283 is Rs. 190

Resturant Bill Rs. 1000
Tax collected on Rs. 1000 = Rs. 203 (14.5%VAT, 5.6% ST, 0.2% SwachB Tax)
Service Charge 10% = Rs. 100
Total for taxes = Rs.303

Total outgoing = 283+1000+203+100= 1585
Note, this is post income tax so I will have to earn Rs. 2200 to manage this. Tax paid Rs. 660 on income

Summary Tax paid
Income Tax : Rs.660
Tax on Petrol: Rs.190
Tax on food: Rs. 203
Service Charge: Rs.100
TOTAL TAX PAID Rs. = Rs. 1153
Total spent from Salary Rs. 2200

Actual value of goods received = Rs. 1047
Total TAX paid = Rs. 1153

WHAT IS THIS? Is the GOVT making us a fool

30% income tax, 14% service tax, 0.5% Swach Bharat tax, 0.5% Agri tax, Vat 7.5%, cess and now tax on PPF and EPF. Mr FM we do not know how you became a finance minister but you seem to be a total un-pat.

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