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Talentica Software Rolls Out an Innovative 100% Remote Work Policy with Workcations, Staycations and Culture Ambassadors

Great Place to Work Recognizes Talentica Software as India�s Great Mid-Size Workplaces 2022

PUNE, India--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Talentica Software, the world�s largest software development service provider for start-ups, today announced an innovative Distributed Work model for the company�s 450+ employees. Leveraging two years of work-from-home experience prompted by the global pandemic, Talentica has decided to embrace a remote work model that aims to maximize employee flexibility and productivity, sustain top-talent recruitment, and solidify co-worker connections. The company�s creative Distributed Work model includes detailed strategies to address the challenges of remote technical team work.

�After nearly two decades operating with employees coming into the office every day, it was a huge shift to suddenly have the entire company work from home, which we�ve continued for the past two years,� said Nitin Shimpi, CEO and co-founder of Talentica Software. �We focus on hiring top engineers who are self-motivated, work independently and are comfortable with documentation and asynchronous work. Thus, we found that if our employees have the right tools to work remotely, their productivity and work satisfaction increases. At the same time, we also learned there are some challenges, such as building strong trust among team members, facilitating cross-team interactions, and maintaining a consistent culture across the company. We have taken these and other learnings into consideration within our Distributed Work policy, which includes a comprehensive set of strategies that address potential issues with an element of fun.�

The pandemic has transformed the way people think about work. Flexibility has become the number one driver for employees. A 2022 Adapt survey by Topia revealed that 94% of employees feel they should be able to work wherever they want as long as they get their work done. The survey also found that 41% of workers would change jobs based on the flexibility to work from home. Thus, remote work policies are now essential for attracting and keeping top talent.

�Talentica has always had an employee-centric culture and so it was important to give employees a voice in determining how to structure the workplace moving forward,� said Anindita Dey, Head of People Group for Talentica Software. �We surveyed employees to ask if they prefer to continue working remotely all the time, or would like a hybrid model, or want to come back into the office full-time. The majority of employees said a 100% remote work model was the most appealing. The results from the survey was a key factor in deciding to transition to a Distributed Work model permanently. The new model also includes the flexibility for individuals who prefer working in the office, as we continue to offer that option as well.�

Talentica Software has received many industry recognitions for workplace innovation, business growth and technology expertise. Most recently, the prestigious Great Place to Work selected Talentica Software for India�s Top 75 Great Mid-Size Workplaces 2022.

�Being named a Great Place to Work during this a challenging time demonstrates the strength of our culture and commitment to our employees,� said Shimpi. �Our new Distributed Work policy draws on the values and processes that have been foundational for our success and creatively applies them to a remote work setting. We look forward to embracing a Distributed Work model with innovative strategies, which will enable us to expand our organization with the best talent.�

Below are some of Talentica�s �New Ways of Working,� which are included in the company�s Distributed Work Handbook and carefully designed to replicate the company�s culture and values in a remote setup.

In-person On Boarding � When new employees join Talentica, they participate in a two week in-person orientation at the Talentica office. These structured, face-to-face interactions with Talentica engineers and leadership provide a critical foundation for understanding the working environment, team dynamics and company culture.

Team Workcations � Quarterly workcations with the destination selected by each team, helps Talentica team members get to know each other and build interpersonal relationships, which increases employee connections to the workplace.

Guild Staycations � Guilds are Talentica engineers who share the same passion/skill. In addition to Team Workcations, Talentica also offers Guild Staycations and dedicated guild channels on slack. Guilds can come together for Staycations, which provide individuals the opportunity to build interpersonal relationships across teams, exchange ideas and knowledge and inspire other guilds to excel in their chosen areas.

Camaraderie Facilitation � Camaraderie enhances cooperation between colleagues and keeps employees on good terms during challenging work assignments. A key way to build camaraderie is by informal interactions. Talentica facilitates informal interactions through platforms like a virtual cafeteria, leadership coffee chats, donut bots, etc.

Culture Ambassadors � Employees are encouraged to become a �Pro-Talentican� culture ambassador by conducting hackathons, meetups, sports competitions, attending startup events, volunteering for organization initiatives, hosting house parties, etc.

�Our business is growing dramatically � we currently have more than 350 software developer positions open,� added Shimpi. �Therefore in order to continue to attract and retain top-talent, it is essential that we have a modern, agile work model that meets the expectations of top talent and can keep pace with the rapid growth of our business. Our new Distributed Work model and strategies will help us scale, while retaining the values that have made our business successful for nearly two decades.�

About Talentica Software

Talentica Software is the world�s largest software development service provider for start-ups. Founded in 2003, the company employees more than 450 people and operates from Pune, India. Over the last 19 years, Talentica has helped 170+ companies develop products using its deep technology expertise and startup experience. The company prides itself on the ability to continuously invest in staying ahead of the curve with respect to the latest technologies including AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile & Wearables, Edge Computing, and Cryptography. To learn more, visit www.talentica.com and follow @Talentica.

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