TELIGHT Announces Acquisition of BioAxial, an Innovative Super-Resolution Microscopy Solution Manufacturer

TELIGHT, an umbrella brand for light-optics instruments and solutions, announces the acquisition of BioAxial. Located in Paris, BioAxial develops and markets super-resolution imaging solutions with applications in life sciences.

Heidelberg, Germany, June 06, 2019 --( BioAxial’s outstanding technology, CODIM, is a powerful and versatile beam shaper based on an optical phenomenon called conical diffraction. Invented by Gabriel Y. Sirat in 2010, CODIM generates controlled and localized patterns that can be used to scan living cell samples with very low photo-toxicity and negligible photo-bleaching.

Ji?í O?adlík, chief executive officer of TELIGHT, “CODIM has great potential and we are excited to have this instrument in our product portfolio. TELIGHT will continue to extend the possibilities of CODIM, introducing it to a broader market and we intend to keep working on innovations that provide unique added value to existing, as well as future customers.”

Daniela Boyo, chief executive officer of BioAxial, “Over recent years, we have invested in the long-term growth of the company, developing a state-of-the-art universal imaging platform that seamlessly turns any fluorescence microscope into the latest generation super-resolution system. The backing of TELIGHT will enable us deliver accelerated growth in a market that offers considerable expansion opportunities across Europe and the rest of the world.”

The acquisition was completed in March 2019. All commitments and existing customer care will be honored.

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