That is the power of being a teacher

In 1994 Indian President Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma visited Muscat on official trip - when AI flight landed 3 rare incidents happened

1. Oman King never visits airport to receive dignitaries of any country - never . But d Oman king came to airport to receive d President

2. When d flight landed the Oman King climbed up d steps n received d President from his seat .
3 . After alighting d flight there was a car with d Chauffeur standing . But d King signed d driver to move n he himself drove d car with President’s to d suit .

Later when d reporters questioned d King why he broke so many protocols ?

D King replied “ I did not go to d airport to receive Mr. Sharma because he was India’s President . I studied in India n learnt so many things, when I was studying in PUNE , Mr. Sharma was my Professor - that is why I did this“ !

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