The 2018 Taiwan Open of Surfing hosts dual world championships

TAITUNG, TAIWAN - Media OutReach�- 2 November 2018 - The
2018 Taiwan Open of Surfing kicks off at Jinzun, Taitung on November 26th and
runs through December 9th. The competition this year will be grander than
previous years. Jinzun was selected as the venue for the World Longboard
Surfing Championship by the World Surfing
League (WSL) for the first time in 2017. The
World Junior Championships will also be held this year, upgrading Jinzun from
just one stop along the world tour. Hosting
dual World Championships for surfing
sets a new record for Taiwan.
Since the establishment of the league, this will be
the first time
that dual championships are held at a single venue. Taitung rises to a
new peak
in the eighth consecutive year of the Taiwan Open of Surfing.

Surfing enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in Taitung

Since the launch of the Taitung Open of Surfing in
2011, Jinzun, Taitung has risen from one stop along the WSL tour, to become the
location to host the World Junior and World Longboard Championships. Taitung's position in the world of
international surfing will no longer be the same. The highly anticipated
dual championships will bring the world's top surfers to Taiwan. The WSL
Junior Championships will feature some of the premier surfing stars such as
Joel Parkinson, Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith, Sally Fitzgibbons and Laura
Enever. This event invite
s both
foreign and domestic competitor
s to
Jinzun, Taitung to battle it out on the waves. Domestic surfers will be able to
compete in several events including men and women's longboard, men's
shortboard, domestic team long and shortboard.

Jinzun features an
unparalleled coastal terrain and low latitudinal position; the waves of Taiwan's
east coast are unique in size and shape. With first-class waves, the Taiwan
Open of Surfing is held each November, attracting surfers worldwide to come and
face the challenge. The must see dual championships are this year's top surfing
event. It is under much anticipation that surfers from around the world can show off their surfing prowess. So come
to Jinzun and be sure not to miss the most unforgettable surfing event yet. For
competitors, f
orms can be downloaded off Facebook
with registration opening in November

Event details and the latest news can be found on the official website
and FB Fan Page



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