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The 2nd Aollywood Forum was Held in Macao, where Filmmakers Discussed How to Expand the Theme Types of Chinese Films

MACAU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Recently, as one of the series of events of the World Film Industry Conference, sponsored by Aollywood Group, the 2nd Aollywood Forum was held at Wynn Palace in Macau, China. Famous director Xiao Guiyun, famous actor Zhang Guangbei, young director Tian Bo, Liao Zixin, director of the Macao Writer Club, Macao columnist Mei Zhongming, Han Haoyue, director of the Aollywood Film Critics Association and the host Hu Jianli held practical and realistic discussions and exchanges on the topic of "Explore on the path of becoming a powerful nation in the film industry: how to expand the types of film themes", offering suggestions and opinions for building a powerful nation in the film industry.

Xiao Guiyun, a famous director who once directed Founding Ceremony and other classic theme films, proposed that if China�s film industry shifts from output-first to competitiveness-first, filmmakers must first work hard on the artistic quality of the films. "Many films have no problem with ideological content. The key is to make for artistic deficiency, and this is what we will always work hard on." She also explained the importance of artistic quality by taking an example: the film Founding Ceremony was highly praised by local film viewers when it was released in Hong Kong.

Famous actor Zhang Guangbei said that successful films all have something in common, that is, truth. There are many kinds of films, but realism is eternal. What is realism? It's the truth. He proposed that film creation must be based on the creation policy of "letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend" and must be diversified. Only in this way, Chinese films can truly move towards the global market and China can become a powerful film nation.

The event was also attended by dozens of famous filmmakers, directors, actors and writers from Mainland, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Wang Haige, president of the Aollywood Film Workers Association, Zhu Ting, president of the World Film Industry Conference Group, Hong Kong, Zhang Huijun, Gong Hanlin, Jin Zhu, Chen Wei, Hou Tianlai, Cheng Taishen, Deng Jiajia, Ni Hongjie, Wang Renjun, Zhou Yemang, Tian Hairong, Shao Yihui, Liu Xun Zi Mo, Qi Xi, Chen Yongsheng, Li Wei, Ye Ting, Jiulian Zhenren, Li Mi, Jin Yuchen, Tang Wenlong, Liang Cheng, Du Yuhang, Luo Lin, Yu Yizhou, He Wenyu, etc.


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